Shipping. Your support is humbly requested, and graciously appreciated. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+Opens in a new window or tab* No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on $99+. In 2001 the Hammerhead delivered unheard of freeheel control. There is enough throw distance on the heel lever so that by making small adjustments in cable length you can quickly increase cable tension. Price: US $100.00. Our testers agree: The stainless-steel HammerHead is the toughest, most adjustable binding out there. At that point, the binding had limited distribution, despite the fact it had somewhat of a cult following among die-hard telemarkers.Pringle and … XIV-1, Oct. 2001. Nonetheless, it offers more range of motion and/or tension than any other telemark binding today. I usually ski w them in walk mode. TwentyTwo Designs Hammerhead. But I found in walk mode that the issue went away. I have installed four pairs of these on my skis, and find them the best for the range of skiing I do, from backcountry climbing to advanced resort skiing. If you’re buying a telemark binding, the 22 Designs Axl is a smart choice. It gives you the power of a HammerHead, but tours effortlessly. I’ve only had them out for 4 days and they seem to be pretty deep (a couple mm). While possible, and arguably easy at that, changing pivot points for more or less flex resistance still requires taking your skis off and fussing with the binding. It seems unavoidable given the binding innterface, but it still concerns me to see so much wear after only a few days out. I recommend you file down the back of the toe bale that runs across the top of the duckbill so that it no longer contacts the front of the toe. I read the HH will still be sold this year but wondering if they will overlap. Twenty Two Designs Hammerhead Telemark Binding has been discontinued by Twenty Two Designs and is no longer available. Complete Wool Mountainwear. Now on the same skis that I love but with the Hammerhwads on them I hate the position I feel my knees in when skiing. Thanks for all the inputs. 2) Tape the template to the ski after aligning a number matched pair of lines over the ski edges and aligning the chord center line over the chord center mark. 22 Designs Outlaw NTN Telemark Binding is the first binding licensed by Rottefella to use their patented second heel connection. Cool! 22 Designs Hammerhead RED STIFFY Binding Information: A seminal binding in telemark history, the 22Designs Hammerhead changed the game for skiers of every ability level. Since it's release, a whole lot of things have changed in the world, but the Hammerhead still runs with the best of them. Side pins provide five position adjustment from very flexible for climbing to very active for downhill. Whatever your reason for sticking with a duckbilled boot, if you want power to spare with a free-pivot for earning your turns 22 Designs’ Axl is the binding you want. 22 Designs Vice and Hammerhead Bindings hurting my knees This is the World Famous TelemarkTalk / TelemarkTips Forum, by far the most dynamic telemark and backcountry skiing discussion board on the world wide web. The overlap will last as long as the parts for HH do…although 22D will definitely cut it off at some point so that they have an adequate supply of replacement parts for those who are sticking with HH until they die (not the binding, the skier) . So when TwentyTwo Designs released a free-pivot binding, the Axl, it immediately grabbed my attention. I went to the T1 5-6 years ago. google_ad_width = 120; Price: US $100.00. Bit that was before the HH and Vice binodngs took over my quiver of skis. Make sure that both coils have about the same length showing. Tried and True. Complaints 22 Designs was created in 2004 by Chris Valiante and Collins Pringle.