Archetypes. 5) Broken Wing Gambit Bonus 6) Wounded Paw Gambit 7) Deadly Aim 9) Manyshot Bonus 9) Coordinated Shot 11) Clustered Shots Bonus 12) Enfilading Fire 13) Snap Shot 15) Improved Snap Shot Bonus 15) Improved Spell Sharing 17) Greater Snap Shot Bonus 18) Distracting Charge My Animal Focii: Mouse and/or Tiger, as appropriate. Broken Wing Gambit* Bluff 5 ranks: Grant opponent bonus to hit you, but opponent's attack provokes attacks of opportunity: Wounded Paw Gambit* Broken Wing Gambit, Bluff 5 ranks: When you use Broken Wing Gambit, nearby allies can attempt a ranged attack against the attacker: Bullying Blow* Intimidate 1 rank, orc Coordinated Capture Coordinated Maneuvers Escape Route/Swing About Feint Partner/Improved Feint Partner Ferocious Loyalty Lookout/Improved Lookout Outflank Paired Opportunists Precise Strike Seize the Moment Shake It Off Stealth Synergy Stick Together Swarm Strike Tribe Mentality A few decent teamwork feats to choose from: Outflank, Precise Strike, Broken Wing Gambit/Wounded Paw Gambit, Swap Places, Seize the Moment, Pack Attack, Escape Route, and Coordinated Charge. In … To distinguish it, these items will have this notice. Wounded Paw Gambit; Back to Main Page → Pathfinder Open Game Content → PFSRD. Orders. Broken Wing Gambit/Wounded Paw Gambit Burn It Down! Traits, Skills, and Feats. Here is a complete paginated list of the Feats loaded into our system to date. Open Game Content (place problems on the discussion page). You have been seriously injured. It is covered by the Open Game License v1.0a, rather than the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3. ... A member fo the Pathfinder Community If you already have the wounded condition when you lose the dying condition, your wounded condition value increases by 1. Echo Effect: -How come nobody ever talks about this class feature? Wounded Paw Gambit functions much like broken wing gambit, but allows you to make a ranged attack as an immediate action (instead of as an AoO), which stretched your action economy a bit (since you could attack one target with an AoO from broken wing, and a second target as an immediate action with wounded paw). This notion is based upon the idea that by breeding, one can control temperament, wellness, and longevity. 'Scratch', a horrendously scarred man, most at home in the woods and wilds. His past has left deep, deep wounds, both upon his visage and his heart. Wounded Paw Project (WPP) is dispelling the belief that shelter dogs are not practical candidates as Service Dogs. Trying to push pathfinder: JustTom: 4/15/15: Magus Favored Class Bonus for Elf is wrong: Bill Lynch: 4/3/15: Add Yarahkut Inevitable: K Vid: 3/31/15: Wounded Paw Gambit Typo? If you lose the dying condition and do not already have the wounded condition, you become wounded 1. By registering you have the ability to apply filters to limit results based on category and source material as well as searching by typing in … As with Wounded Paw Gambit, the rushed attack of Target of Opportunity is incompatible with Friendly Fire so it does not provoke beneficial attacks of opportunity. Attributes and Races. Intro. This is part of the Pathfinder Reference Document. Wounded Paw Gambit I’d never buy this but I can see the value *I will add to this for anyone that thinks I missed something Grand.