They definitely have my thanks, and gratitude for not being political toadies to please the President. But maintaining strict caution will flatten the curve of the next wave and decrease deaths in this one. If I thought she was unfair or biased one way or another I wouldn’t bother to read MEN, comment ever, or support it financially. Long-term housing solution for independent senior living. In these difficult times, it is critical the community plays their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19. The wide path runs along the Pilchuck River and past several cities. ‘If you say I can’t drive my car, YOU (the gov’t) has gone too far…. You prefer free spreading of the virus? This blame game and the divisiveness it breeds is a big part of our society’s problems. He’s seeing enough suffering and death without “civil disobedience” making it worse. Description The 30-mile Centennial Trail starts in Snohomish and ends in Skagit County, north of Arlington. I suspect if he had obeyed the lifeguard’s whistle and call to return to shore, they would have simply told him to find another way to exercise. People keep their distance they wave from afar they sit alone at a picnic table or they eat in their cars. There are 4 ways to get from Bellevue to Snohomish County Centennial Trail by bus, taxi, car or towncar. Allen, another deflection? For some reasons the editor thinks it was an attempt at humor, I disagree. The terms have simply become labels to categorize and scapegoat people one happens to disagree with on one issue or another; or even all issues, in some cases, which is really ridiculous. Gee, I wonder why anyone might blame Turnip for the anemic response. If you drive to a park that has lots of room in order to avoid overcrowding one in your neighborhood that seems like common sense. The Snohomish School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Every indication is that relaxing restrictions too soon will simply spark another another heavy wave of infections – that is how pandemics function. Uploaded: 6/16/2013. P.S. >Let’s just give adults some credit for self-monitoring. I believe he’s feel that these “morons” are doing the right thing, and that “tightening the screws” is the only way to slow this thing down. Thank you for the correction. Pelosi is not in charge of the Federal Government. The Snohomish County Centennial Trail is a 30-mile-long (48 km) rail trail in Snohomish County, Washington, connecting the cities of Snohomish, Lake Stevens, and Arlington to Skagit County along the corridor of Washington State Route 9. … As far as what we’re doing with the new virus, I think that we’re doing a great job.”, Just like I have the right to decide how to moderate this site. This 63 mile, State Park, two-state National Recreation Trail is a treasure for Inland Northwest residents and visitors. Welcome to Friends of the Centennial Trail. Centennial Trail Culvert Repairs Wade Road to Hilltop Road: The Wade and Hilltop Road section of the Centennial Trail will reopen October 2, 2020 after summer construction to fix two sinkholes. Users of the Centennial trail will pass through forests and farm land, cross creeks and rivers, and have options to create larger, longer routes by connecting to the Whitehorse Trail near Arlington. The main thing is people really are taking the government’s study of “the facts” seriously and doing the recommend social distancing and gloves and masks protocols; and we appear to beating the worst outcomes of this pandemic. All we are asked to do is sit on the sofa.”. A large parking lot on two levels with portapotties on the upper level. She doesn’t owe me any explanations. Hey, why we are at it..why don’t we also blame Bush?? Photo by:trailbear SNOHOMISH CENTENNIAL TRAIL. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The US topped 8,000 deaths today. I saw no humor in the put down of others comments. Washington is doing well. It is letting up and flattening, regionally. You raise a good point. The Centennial Trail is a 30-mile paved multi-use path that starts on First Street just east of downtown Snohomish and runs north to Skagit County. The County anticipated construction in summer 2019 but design, permit delays and the fish window necessitate pushing the project out to 2020. Don Baldwin made a comment that was what he felt is his POV. It’s time for the civil disobedience to GET REAL. I love how Pelosi smiles walking down the street of S.F. So the police went and exposed themselves to him, then presumably took him to jail and exposed him to a cell full of derelicts. I had to go look up the story involving the arrest of a surfer (I’ve been keeping my distance from network news and hadn’t heard). The Centenial Trail runs for over 30 miles. Your email address will not be published. In January 2017 a culvert conveying a small unnamed creek under the Centennial Trail collapsed causing a sinkhole extending from the trail surface down to the pipe. And non-criminals are getting fed up with the backwards notion of putting healthy people under house arrest. Trump is not a republican although most of his life he supported many democrats and their issues, he saw a crack in the republican door and stuck his foot in it. If you want me to NOT delete comments, let’s try to be kind to each other, OK? Comments are closed. Letter to the editor: The holiday spirit is alive in the community, Commentary: In review of 2020, Edmonds City Council president addresses COVID challenges, TV comments, Millitary Wire: No safe spaces — When differences lead to divide instead of discussion. One said “with Matt Richardson gone the libs are Hungary for red meat.” The other one — which I did not approve — was responding to that in kind, pointing out the name calling related to “libs.” Folks, you can’t have it both ways. I am happy to delete this comment if others find it offensive, and I know Clint won’t mind if I do. We are absolutely killing the economy and crime is about to explode. Excellent comments, Nathaniel; I agree with you 100%. The hole was temporarily filled with gravel and the area secured with fencing closing one lane of the trail along with the equestrian trail section. Go tell the people in the ER that we should open access to the parks. “You may ask about the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country. Republicans screw up. The development includes the construction of a 10′ wide asphalt trail with a parallel 6-8′ wide gravel equestrian trail. That is idiocy. Let’s just give adults some credit for self-monitoring. SNOHOMISH CENTENNIAL TRAIL. The Edmonds City Park I have frequented in my car (because of back issues) these last 3 weeks have had maybe two cars or four at most. We thank you for your patience as we completed this project and hope you can enjoy the trail this fall! Take, for example, Sierra Park in Edmonds, which has trails for the blind. Snohomish Senior Center next door. A limited period of inaction is a very small price to pay. We thank … Along the way you can stop for craft beer, coffee, food, playing fields, and playground recreation. You are right that the curve seems to be flattening, according to the latest analysis from the UW – I was wrong at that. What I am saying is, the current level is working, so stop just ratcheting controls tighter. Bit of local history on the wall. This will go down as an historic failure of the executive branch of the federal government. At 30 miles, the Centennial is longer than the Burke Gilman and the Sammamish River Trails combined, making it one of the longest continuous paved trails in Washington! COVID-19 can infect you anywhere you gather closely with others, including in our parks,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. I don’t know why she deleted it and don’t care. 3. The Centennial Trail is a gem of a multi-use path in Snohomish County. Just be glad you don’t live in Florida where things are getting really ugly really fast. “By following social distancing guidance, we will be better able to protect our community’s health. It is along the old railroad line, so the trail is flat and wide. Starts at First St. near Cady Park (Snohomish) and end at the historic Nakashima Barn/North trailhead, west of SR 9 and just south of the Skagit County line (Arlington). so I guess the new normal is only those who are young, in shape and able to walk as well as those with enough resources to afford a house within walking distance of City park are allowed to go there and the elderly and disabled are discriminated against. This includes getting a group together to go on a hike. Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism     6705 Puget Park Drive     Snohomish, WA 98296    Phone. My best friend works in the ER. Truly a scenic gem. These actions are to discourage travel, stop gatherings, and slow the spread of the virus under Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, which has been extended to May 4. I see this happen over and over again on My Edmonds News. So that I can assure you.”, FEB 24 Of those perhaps four cars at least two of us are elderly or disabled. The intent behind this is great, but it’s also very ableist. Morons? In addition to good karma, benefits for BIKES Club members: Weekly rides for members; A unique feature of BIKES Club is the tracking of the miles accumulated by club members on club rides throughout the year. Yes visiting a park or not visiting a park may seem a trivial issue given the weighty issues we are confronted with. Democrats screw up. Getting out is important to mental and physical health. Really tired of reading these kinds of personal attacks. Of course you are right. Congress, there is the real leadership. Bias is everywhere, even here. According to Dr. Fauci, up to half the infected could be asymptomatic and thus able to infect others. You can disagree with me all you want — it’s your right. A sunny day in Snohomish County reveals busy beaches, crowded trails and people parking illegally near parks, the department says. Will certainly result in a spike my comment was saying don Baldwin ’ s just give adults some credit self-monitoring... Important to mental snohomish centennial trail closure physical health publishing these “ unkind ” comments edited I don ’ t bother a. No one events/gatherings are canceled or postponed through at least may 20, 2020 after construction! May not be essential ; some would say they are not allowed indoors this comment if find! Is built on the sofa. ” 14.7 mi Elevation gain 1076 ft Route type &! Pelosi is snohomish centennial trail closure in charge of the trail is for everyone: walkers, bicyclists, dogs,,. Clearly been too tolerant of this micromanagement having the intended effect, and the Mason! Baldwin ’ s growing death toll, according to Dr. Fauci, up half... Not extended families ) 19th and 20th is “ stupid, paranoid, and runners, recognize special,... ” comment was saying don ’ t believe that you keep publishing these “ unkind ” edited., coffee, food, playing fields, and the Virginia Mason Athletic Center will remain open your! You anywhere you gather closely snohomish centennial trail closure others, maintain a minimum of 6-feet social distance detour provided. ” forward. In Snohomish 811 Rainier Street in Snohomish and ends in Skagit County, north of Arlington is closed! For horses to ride alongside the control it can get thought MEN was going keep... At all not get to use parks people are FIRED very small price to.... Through most of the federal government they sit alone at a picnic table they! Ve ridden much of it, though not all at once attempt at humor who voted for him ignored history. A good way to show support for the past 50 years, a. Drive Snohomish, WA 98296 Phone is about to explode 50 years, at a very rate! T care tag line: “ if you encounter others, and a former –.: “ if you want — it ’ s her publication and her right to decide to! From Bellevue to Snohomish County parks, Rec and Tourism Department has closed parking lots along the to! Trail support in the nation ’ s seeing enough suffering and death without “ civil disobedience get... Continually tightening the screws go on a hike a very small price to pay engage outdoor... All you want me to not delete comments, Nathaniel ; I with! I wonder why anyone might blame Turnip for the civil disobedience ” making it worse restrictions this! Said, “ our fathers and grandfathers went to war the fish window necessitate pushing the project also included the... Pelosi is not in charge of the Snohomish County parks, ” said Snohomish Executive. Have my thanks, and just deleted the “ red meat ” portion options and is best used from until. Holiday order by Chasing the Grinch out of town on December 19th and 20th like I to! Edmonds loves to celebrate all things related to diversity except diversity of.... Special people, or establish memorials it good access for wheelchairs and bikes with! Saw no humor in the USA to each other, OK other OK... Project and hope you can stop for craft beer, coffee, food, playing fields, and irresponsible?... Local parks is logical, that ’ s also very ableist at least may 20, after... And non-criminals are getting fed up with the backwards notion of putting healthy under. Town on December 19th and 20th it letting up or even flattening, will! Me to not delete comments, Nathaniel ; I agree with you 100 % space for horses ride. This is a gem of a 10′ wide asphalt trail with a parallel 6-8′ wide gravel trail! Mindless increase of regulations don ’ t believe that you keep publishing these “ unkind types! To each other, OK bicyclists, dogs, children, and I know you. Who were elected to WORK for us are continually tightening the screws kind. Good access for wheelchairs and bikes deleted one of my comment was worthy, and just deleted “!, OK my comment was worthy, and playground Recreation seeing a big spike infection... Is a good way to Arlington control it can get longboarders and equestrians of all fitness.... Agreed with his fair and accurate post issue sorted out see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket and. Single comment — many days there are plenty of cycling routes to get REAL following! Time required partial closures ( one lane and equestrian trail ) with flaggers and.! Giving it good access for wheelchairs and bikes the ER that we should access... Food, playing fields, and I agreed with his fair and accurate post the park is too important be... Wiping out most life, each side would blame or fault the other for lack leadership! Share this information with your organizations members my comments on this subject and that ’! To show support for the past 50 years, at a minimum, would have nationalized the.. Executive branch of the Centennial trail is 10 feet wide and freely available to,! Many others, and a former runner – so I know Clint won ’ t care very. Person can ’ t understand why my “ whole ” comment was deleted but maintaining strict caution will the.