The Eraticator (see full specs) features an etched glass reticle with the option to illuminate the reticle with 11 different brightness settings. The Ruger barrel is so efficient, easy to clean, and durable because of the heavy-tapered 5/8-inches by 24 cold-hammer-forged threads. Hi All Could I have some feedback from actual users of the 204 Ruger as to out of the box accuracy? The .204 Ruger can also be an excellent choice for varmint hunters, who are often shooting small animals. I was very keen on the Remington VTR predator rifle in .204 but not sure on it. Page: 1; 2; Savage 22446 12 FCV Bolt 204 Ruger 26" 4+1 Black. Tikka T3 .204 Ruger in good condition, very accurate. Whether it’s topped on a bolt action, or an AR in .204 Ruger you can rest assured you’ll be able to see and hit your target. Win A FDE Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG Rifle w/ EOTech Vudu Scope ($15000 Value!) This is definitely a contender for the best scope for .204 rifles. deals. The Ruger comes with great ballistics and it hardly drops within 300 yards. Item currently sold out. The .204 Ruger was formally announced in 2004, was quickly accepted by many varmint shooters and hunters and has become one of the most reloaded rifle cartridges. The adjustments are quick and easy to access with fingertip adjustments that fined tuned to 1/8th MOA per click. Quick View . Well, it depends on the game you are hunting. It comes with a Vortex Crossfire II Scope. Velocity also allows you to hit and kill smaller targets at far greater distances. The new line of development features lots of creative inventions that make gun firing easy, enjoyable, and safe. Some people find that the extreme velocity has negative consequences on the barrel as it wears out much faster. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 204 Ruger rifle. And the other is that only Hornady provides ammunition that can reach 4220 feet using a specific powder. Option: Stainless Steel (4) Option: Steel (18) Finish. To paraphrase Jim Morrison, the .204 Ruger can zoom on through to the other side, but what an optic to keep up with it? The Hornady V-Max bullet is an ideal coyote choice because the bullet is frangible, and in the pint-sized .204 Ruger it does minimum damage to pelts. The line-up has a list of several rifles targeting different niches. The turrets are large and easy to access with the rifle in your shoulder. It comes with tang safety that is also easy to use. The new bullets are quite a step up in quality from cheap bulk and rather different from Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets. The VX-3 is a superior optic that comes with a high price, but you are also getting a scope on the forefront of optics technology. The .20 caliber bore fouls easily and sometimes can be challenging to clean. Option: Black Coating (4) Option: Blued (12) Option: Camo (2) Option: Stainless Steel (4) Caliber. When a rifle has less recoil, the target is never that off with the second shot. The recoil pad will absorb the shock and also reduce the recoil felt when you fire. Filter 204 Ruger Rifle Deals. MSRP: $781.00 | Your Price: $488.58. The adjustments are a fine 1/8th MOA per click, and are very easy to adjust, and zero. You've Selected Clear All. The Tasco Target holds zero extremely well, something a lot of more budget friendly high powered optics have trouble with. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',169,'0','0']));The new features are the .204 Ruger 32-grain and 40- loads, all developed by Hornady. It’s easily one of the fastest commercially produced rifle rounds out there. It enables shooters to become more accurate with their shots and is the best for all caliber of hunters. Ruger American Predator Best .204 Rifle (Best Overall) It is a marksman rifle that offers an adjustable custom-built trigger pull between three to five pounds. $616.79. They managed this feat and still provide the best high-quality rifle at a relatively affordable price. The Leupold VX-3 (see full specs) also has different reticle options, but in my opinion the Side Focus CDS reticle is perfect. Brands. The fixed-blade-type ejector will remove all empty cases as the rugged single-piece bolt moves backward. Calibers. The rubber recoil pad makes it have low recoil and hence making it more accurate and reliable in the field. The Tasco Target’s 6-24 power magnification gives the shooter quite a broad range of magnifications to choose from, allowing the shooter to be more versatile on the range and in the field. An example is the popular American Compact that is the best for shooters with a small frame like women and children. Apply filters Reset. I have owned a few Tikka’s now over the years and rate them highly both for functionality and accuracy. 22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger vs 220 Swift: Cartridge Sizes. If the Barska is a bit much for your zoom factor you always rely on the stalwart precision of Tasco. per page . For these reasons, it's one of the best centerfire rifles for long-range shooting at very small targets like prairie dogs. When shooting at a still target on an average of 100 yards, you get an accuracy of around 1.24-inches, which is quite high compared to other .204 rifles. The lenses are fully multi coated for a crisp clear picture that helps deliver rounds on target easily. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 26 total . Page: 1; 2; Savage 22446 12 FCV Bolt 204 Ruger 26" 4+1 Black. Technically, the .204 Ruger was created jointly by Ruger and Hornady in 2004. Varmint rifle in .204. ammunition. Excellent condition, heavy barrel, comes with 30mm rings dovetail rings. Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. A substantial number of hunters use rifles for hunting both small and large prey. They’re available as component bullets in .172″, .204″, .224″ and .243″ diameters, and loaded in .17 Rem., .204 Ruger, .221 Fireball, .222 Rem., .223 Rem., .22-250 and .243 Win. Quick View. The manufacturers boast of highly innovative and reliable extraction case systems. Your email address will not be published. Besides this, it was also the rifle with the second-highest velocity. A good optic compliments a good rifle, and aids in accuracy and fast target acquisition. The Tasco can even brag about the fact it’s waterproof, shockproof, and thankfully fog proof. Which has best trigger. In this case, the scope should have sufficient zoom for an appropriate sight picture. The main selling power is the insane level of magnification capable with this rifle. Similar to the Ruger American Rifle Standard, it also uses the Power Bedding system to make the barrel float freely and lock the receiver. The Side Focus CDS features holdovers for both wind, bullet drop, and leads for running game. Close Reset. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Its 20 caliber cartridge is commercially produced like one. Uses standard AR Bolt and Magazine. I was looking at a few rifles but can't figure out which will be the best in terms of accuracy, price, etc. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 204 Ruger rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. The .204 Ruger is the highest velocity AR-Rifle cartridge and a devastating varmint and small game round. Also Remington and Tikka T-3 Varmint rifle,Ruger and Savage . I have spent thousands of hours hunting hogs and training hunting dogs, but I’m always learning new stuff and really happy to be sharing them with you! These fast moving little creatures scurry and scamper about so much they can be difficult to see in normal daylight. The VX-3 is also waterproofed and uses argon and krypton gas blend to completely prevent internal moisture from fogging up your sight picture. It is top.204 Ruger as it makes shooters have steadiness in their shots, leading to more consistent and accurate results. Frame/Receiver Material. However, there is a need for a shell that can fire consistent and fast rounds. Remington 700 VLS in .204 ruger. Chambered in the new, extremely high velocity.204 Ruger cartridge, the Browning X-Bolt Eclipse Varmint has a solid reputation for accuracy and is specifically built for predator and varmint hunting. A quick review of my new Savage 25 Walking Varminter in 204 Ruger!! The .204 Ruger is a velocity king mighty on two fronts. It is reliable because the action is smooth even when using different rounds during rough testing. The ammunition is also readily available in most guns and ammunition stores. As you can see in the photo below, there are some pretty major differences between the .204 Ruger, … Please select a Frame/Receiver Material. The Tasco Target proved itself to be a very reliable optic, and has a very affordable price. Forget the 223 the new Hyper flat shooter is the 204 Ruger :) MSRP: $781.00 | Your Price: $488.58. | Page 2 The Mueller Eraticator features a crystal clear image, aided by being both fully multi coated and having such a wide objective lens. Rifle for Coyotes and other varmints and to shoot well off the bench. Jan 24, 2006 #1 G. Guest Guest . It is a perfect choice for the varmint hunters who often shoot small animals. Things You Should Know When Buying a Ruger .204 Rifle, Reliability and Accuracy of the Ruger .204 Rifles, Ruger American Standard Rifle (Best Budget), Ruger American Predator Best .204 Rifle (Best Overall), Ruger Hawkeye M77 African Bolt-Action Center Rifle (Best Premium), Best Ruger 10/22 Scope Mounts: Buyer’s Guide, .44 Magnum Rifle: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide, Best Scopes for Ruger Precision Rifle: Our Top 10 Picks, Crosman Shockwave Air Rifle: A Complete Review, Best AR9 Lower: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide, CZ Scorpion Magazine: Magpul 35 Round EV9 PMAG Review, Kentucky Coyote Hunting Tips (You don’t want to miss these! Win A FDE Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG Rifle w/ EOTech Vudu Scope ($15000 Value!) Uses a nonrotating extractor that is controlled. Show. The turrets are of the no tool, easy fingertip variety that allows adjustments to be made on the fly. The new caliber is the .20 round adopted from the .222 Remington Magnum case, which provides low recoil and high velocity. The VX-3 has a fully multi coated lenses, that use a proprietary coating known as Diamond Coat 2. However, most new hunters believe that the best hunting firearm must be a big caliber rifle. The best .204 Ruger Rifle is available, depending on the budget you have. Bolt Action . Been looking at Weatherby Vangard Sub M.O.A. Rifles / Bolt Action.204 Ruger Bolt Action . The manufacturers behind the development of the Ruger .204 rifle keep expanding the line for innovations that suit the use of different users. The VX-3 is the third in the popular VX series, and is perfect for the.204 Ruger varmint hunter. Most hunters are fond of the Ruger American Rifle standard because it weighs only 6 pounds. The Mueller Eraticator is a medium budget scope with an impressive power level, and a rock bottom price when you consider the features included with the Eraticator. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 26 total . It is a true American rifle that will still function efficiently, even when covered with dust. The zeroing procedure is important with the .204 Ruger since the ammunition tends to be a bit pricey. It features a bolt action with three lugs. It has a variable magnification of 10-40x with a 50mm objective lens. The .204 Ruger is an exceptional and unique little round. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 204 Ruger rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. hit me up with an email in the contact form if you have any questions. The .204 Ruger is a fast, accurate cartridge that is mostly a bench rest target shooter’s small bore dream, so a scope is an absolute must. Savage 110 Varmint Bolt Action Rifle .204 Ruger 26" Heavy Barrel 4 Rounds Synthe... Savage 110 Varmint Bolt Action Rifle .204 Ruger 26... Our Low Price $699.23 QuickView Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision Varminter Bolt-Action Rifle .204 Ruger Sing... Savage Model 12 Long Range Precision Varminter Bol... Our Low Price $1,337.43 Your Security is Our Priority Our guarantee Shopping with us … Thread starter Guest; Start date Jan 24, 2006; Help Support Long Range Hunting : Join the LRH Team or . Required fields are marked *, The Shooting Show – stalking and gralloching with Chris Dalton PLUS the Leupold VX-3. Be the first to write a review! eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'huntingheart_com-leader-2','ezslot_11',151,'0','0']));There are other advantages, but the main is that the .204 has a much higher velocity, and this makes it have a longer maximum point-blank range. Email him. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. The locked receiver uses a Power Bedding block integral system that floats the barrel freely to provide you with improved accuracy. This easily one of the best scopes for .204 Rugers. Very thankful for your business. It makes it pivotal when you have to take multiple shots of the same target. per page . It enables shooters to become more accurate with their shots and is the best for all caliber of hunters. It also has the shoulders move slightly forward with an increased angle of 30 degrees. As you may have noticed when fox hunting whether day or night my Tikka T3 204 Ruger is never far away. It uses a three-level safety to enable the bolt open when the rifle is set to safe mode. Before we delve deep into other reasons, we must understand how the 204 Ruger earned its name as the best hunting rifle. The .204 Ruger is a light recoiling, high velocity, and accurate round that deserves a solid piece of glass to top it off. Also, dual cocking is a welcome feature that adds to the safe use of the firearm. The multicoated lens … He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. Click Here To Enter..204 Ruger Rifles (26 Products) Filter By . The best scope for .204 Ruger rifles actually needs to be a good-do-everything-well scope. The adjustments can be fine tuned with the easy to use turrets, and each click is ¼ MOA. Comes with misc reloading supplies (shown) and 3 boxes of factory Hornady 40 gr. But just as we have seen in our recent tests of 243 Winchester bolt actions, accuracy drawn from lighter bullets is rising to the top. My Tikka T3 is the older model (non T3x model) and I specifically selected this rifle as a dedicated light weight walking and spotlighting rig. It is why I suggest the 204 Ruger. APF 204 Rifle AR-15, Semi-Automatic, .204 Ruger, 24" Stainless Heavy Barrel, 30+1 Rounds. $1000. Ruger and Hornady are in a working partnership with Hornady to pump the market with a new level of weapon cartridge. 204 Ruger Rifles Best And Best 1022 Rifle Sling is best in online store. This feature helps to remove single rounds. The 4 Best Ruger Charger Scopes – Reviews 2020, The 2 Best Scopes for the Money - Reviews 2020, The 2 Best Ruger SR1911 Sights -- Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Lasers for Glock — 19 & Other Model Sight Reviews, BARSKA 10-40X50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope, Leupold VX-3i LRP 8.5-25x50mm Side Focus Riflescope, Mueller AO Eraticator Rifle Scope, Black, 8.5-25 x 50mm. The .204 Ruger is also known for outstanding accuracy and spectacular performance on small varmints. The Tasco Target uses multi-coated lenses to provide a bright picture and utilize the available light for low light situations. It also boasts of superior accuracy levels via the cold-hammer-forged barrel that has a twist rifling. The Barksa Varmint Target dot is exceptionally powerful with a 10 to 40 power magnification, and a wide 50 mm objective lens. Hornady and Ruger based their 5mm hotrod on the .222 Remington Magnum case by simply necking it down to .204 inches, moving the shoulder forward and increasing … Free FedEx Option* (0) AIMSHOT BORE SIGHT .204 RUGER $ 18.64 (2) Caldwell 397488 AR-15 Mag Charger 223 Rem,556,204 Ruger 50rd $ 48.18 (0) Beretta LC 204RUG 20 Black Synthetic 4 $ 611.00 (1) … When firing the .204 Ruger at the range, it can achieve an optimum range of about 500 yards. It is a marksman rifle that offers an adjustable custom-built trigger pull between three to five pounds. Dec 17, 2020 . When 204 Ruger was first introduced, the 40-grain bullet was, in our experience, the most accurate. It comes with a Vortex … There are many favorite choices, and you will be spoilt for choice. Please give us feedback on our articles and contact us if you have any questions. It is among the best rapid-fire rifles. Your email address will not be published. At the time, 204 Ruger was the only caliber rifle that could fire .204 caliber manufactured for use by the public.