FISCAL WEEK BOOKING CLASS It is depicted in the manner to ensure the organization's goals are met. Examples of entities include Customer, Item, Retail Store, Web Site, Purchase Order, Retail Transaction - and the list can go on to hundreds of nouns. To keep track of black listed customers. For example: An upsell promotion in a special segment, such as a free extra checked bag. For example: Values associated with a geographic location as defined by the GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHY ATTRIBUTES. The billable information for hotel booking transaction. Therefore, the multiple keys for the same unique party is saved here. It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil, or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines. OPERATION_RESOURCES EMPLOYEE TYPE Lookup for the basic published or advertised price, often subject to discount. For example: Airline may have a points expiration policy. When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS. For example: Total number of check-ins for a day for a particular flight, Total number of check-ins for a day for a segment, Total number of check-ins for a day for a LEG. FLIGHT INVENTORY ACCOUNT LEVEL For example, KMeans by Revenue from Market Department, O-Clustering by IT department, and so on. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN MTL_MANUFACTURERS In the example, we have identified the entity names, attribute names, and relationship. BILLING TRANSACTION EMD REMARKS PARTY IDENTIFICATION PROMOTION CLUSTER USAGE For example: Use commuting data to define the trade area boundaries. FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY STATUS TSM RFI Represents the source for customer segmentation mining model. Korean / 한국어 COMPETITOR MARKET SEGMENT ASSIGNMENT BOOKING CLASS TYPE The data is placed in an entity. Specifies what the airline company awards, as points to customer as compensation for baggage lost or for a complaint. For example, the CARRIER which it belongs to or if there is an alpha suffix associated. It has country, continent, and so on, as other levels of hierarchy. COMPETITOR PRODUCT CORRELATION CUSTOMER INDIVIDUAL BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET MISCELLANEOUS ADDITIONAL PRINT LINES Subtype of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT that is used by a store to record its acceptance of items shipped to it by a VENDOR against a PURCHASE ORDER and the VENDOR packing slip. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS AVAILABILITY Only one flight operates on a route on any given day. The segment level cabin subclass date flags. Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt. For example, a page in a newspaper, or a time slot in a TV broadcast. Assignment of cost items to a PARTY. This entity relates parties with events. TICKET PRICING DISCOUNT You also need a plan that is visible and laid out correctly. For example, there could be two shifts for a cashier in a store per day: 6:00am-2:00pm, 2:00am-10:00pm. BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET VAT INFORMATION Catalan / Català For example: The history of all the changes of one account. LOYALTY ACCOUNT CAR PRODUCT AIRPORT Keep the relationship between employee and job role. A type of transaction that records the business conducted between the carrier and another party involving the exchange in ownership or accountability, or both, for merchandise or tender, or both, or involving the exchange of tender for services. USER What Exactly Is Logical Data Model? HALF HOUR It provides a conceptual abstract overview of the structure of the data. The logical data model is the next layer down, and is the one we are most involved in when designing the BI application. ACCOUNT LEVEL HISTORY ASSET_DATA_DRAFT The information about billing transaction related ticket. SEGMENT PAIR DIM GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHY VALUE FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY CABIN BLOCKSPACE Specifies the fare element details of the BOOKING and the TSM. This is a system management table used by ETL to populate the audit columns and generated ids for the audit columns and stores the details of the ETL data load. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS DATEFLAG. AWARD VOUCHER MAINTENANCE VISIT TASK The main entity to store the car rental transaction information. SELLING LOCATION TYPE Anentity type is a representation of a person, place, thing, event or concept of interest to a retailer. COMPENSATORY REASON Second hierarchy level as defined in Time Hierarchy. HOTEL BOOKING FORM OF PAYMENT MARKET SEGMENT CHARACTERISTIC Booking transaction store ticket tax data. Information about the flight is stored. During this phase you’ll identify entities, relationships, and attributes and normalize your data. This is the base level entity with information on the details of TSM RFI. Associates one or more addresses with a PARTY. Associative entity between two INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT LINE ITEMs. For example: Relationship between PARTY and contact list. The relationships may include those among customers or between customers and the airline. PDI CHANNEL SERVICE COVERAGE GEO DETAIL DAILY LOYALTY ACCOUNT BOOKING. CAR RENTAL FOP For example: Specifies details of each allocation of money from a receipt made by a party to a specific account. This is a subset of TSM which stores the service fee for the TSM. Japanese / 日本語 There are so many different concepts that user needs to understand regarding Logical Data Model.The logical data model always represents the physical data architecture of the database.The logical data modeling gives us information about all the entities with relationship between those entities present in database. COMPLAIN ADVICE The segment level cabin booking class boarding data. TIME ZONE DAILY LOYALTY ACCOUNT Definition documents can import other definition documents upon which they BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET VAT INFORMATION. ORGANIZATION LEVEL ATTRIBUTES Including the earnings, redemption, and expiration. Macedonian / македонски Represents Support Vector Machine (SVM) factors of attributes of customers, derived from customer life time value support vector machine mining model. For example,,1,2,3,4,5 or 1~10,11~20. TSM DOC The series itself is entered as a BOOKING and then every BOOKING that is part of that series is also entered as a BOOKING with a similar identifying Series-OSI- line. PARTY INTERACTION LETTER Defines a complaint or advice from customer, it is a subtype of PARTY INTERACTION THREAD. These value could have multiple value types or value measures. Different types of organization name represent their business legal status. A type of INVENTORY CONTROL DOCUMENT that is completed during return of the item to the supplier or a transfer of the item without any purchase order. Merge Logical schema and Semantic data model here I like to propose to merge Logical schema and Semantic data model here. For a TV advertisement, how frequently the message is broadcast, and the time for each broadcast. The interactions include: A source of information that helps define a credit worthiness of the customer. COMPLAIN CLASS Segment level cabin subclass availability. BOOKING OFFICE Common characteristics of a logical data model: 1. PRICE DERIVATION RULE HALF YEAR TRANSFORMATION CARRIER TYPE MONTH TRANSFORMATION Romanian / Română For example: Logical to Physical Mappings for Oracle Airlines Data Model. A special discount for retention programs: additional mileage with each flight. A penalty calculation can also be based on the months left in the contract. Reason codes are grouped into REASON CATEGORYs based on where they are referenced. EMPLOYEE DESIGNATION TRACKED ITEM UNIT MAINTENANCE PLAN THRESHOLD RULE EXTERNAL ORGANIZATION TYPE That information, along with your comments, will be governed by Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. The PARTY that resells products or services from the CARRIER. PRICE MODIFICATION LINE ITEM ADDRESS RELATED FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS FLAG. Specifies the daily summary data about LOYALTY ACCOUNT booking (for a FREQUENT FLYER). For example, positive responses: The customer increased or modified their usage, The customer changed a specified behavior (for example moved from payment by check to an electronic payment option). There is a TSM for each type of MD PNR element, composed of common TSM attributes, presented in this class, and specific ones (presented in class TSMMCO, TSMSVC, and TSMXSB). FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION. Lookup for the type of account. CALL CENTER Entity-Relation model is based on the idea of true-planet entities and the relationship between the two. TARGET ACCOUNT PROMOTION The source from which a GEOGRAPHY DEMOGRAPHY VALUE is acquired or populated. INTERACTION RESULT POS DEPARTMENT TOUR The Value Added Tax (VAT) information of billing transaction ticket. Market Area may not contain a store. This is a lookup entity to roll up different revenue cost element categories into different groups. For example: Specifies all interactions or communications with the customer. Logical data models add further information to the conceptual model elements. BORROW_TRANSACTIONS ORGANIZATION CHAIN COMPLAIN TYPE Details about a group or assemblage of aircraft. CUSTOMER OCCASION SERVICE VEHICLE Scripting appears to be disabled or not supported for your browser. This is an operational layer entity which stores the information of the PNR type. The carrier may have multiple call centers in different locations, for different time zones, or language purposes. ACCOUNT TRANSFER REASON The cabin configuration data at LEG level. Weather details at a specific date, time, and location. French / Français PARTY GEOGRAPHY ENTITY ASSIGNMENT The segment level cabin inventory data for code share flight. For example, total number of passengers checked-in on a particular day and is also based on other dimensions. PASSENGER CONTACT It stores the detailed information about the traffic category. Represents customer LOYALTY ACCOUNT balance details for a period of months in the past. A categorized list of on-board systems, instruments, and equipment that may be inoperative for a flight. EMPLOYEE ACTUAL LABOR SALARIED SALES CHANNEL REPRESENTATIVE This is an operational layer entity which stores segment details such as the board point airports and offpoint airports. PASSPORT Attributes applicable only to the corresponding level in the organization. GEOGRAPHY ENTITY CUSTOMER’s subscription to services is the basis of billing and network usage authorization. Vendor of any service or product to support the operation of carrier. The billing transaction remarks from the ELECTRONIC MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENT(EMD). This is needed to enable Ad-Hoc reporting involving the Time Dimension. Subtype of CUSTOMER (and PARTY), which contains details of organizations as opposed to individuals. POS IDENTITY For example: This is an operational layer entity stores the contact information of the passenger in the BOOKING. The passenger information of billing transaction ticket. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY TRAFFIC RESTRICTION FLIGHT DETAILS FACT BILLING TRANSACTION TICKET PASSENGER TIME STANDARD BY WEEK Call Center: A department within a retail organization or a third-party organization that handles telephone sales service. The granularity of the fact is at a current date. AIRCRAFT DISPATCH A market segment is identified to group certain common areas where business can be conducted, for example, a group of person, a specific geographical area, and so on. Reference Entities define the entities within, and associated with the airline organization for which data is recorded and analyzed. RETAIL SALE RETURN LINE ITEM For example: This is a summary for the information related to ticket. The segmentation model used to profile the customers. BOOKING PRODUCT DETAIL FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING SUBCLASS NEGO QUALITY RESULTS DAY The Customer Accounts included in a specific CAMPAIGN. Please note that DISQUS operates this forum. They refine the data elements introduced by a Conceptual data model and form the basis of the Physical data model. It is generally considered the implementation of the conceptual data model. ACCOUNT PAYMENT Information about schedule of the flight from the FLD system. BANK PARTY CONTACT LIST PARTICIPATION BOOKING TST PRICE TERMINAL An employee must have multiple discount groups, and several employees must have the same discount group. AGENCY A classification of a Competitor, such as by size, product lines offered, and so forth. Possible values include: A line item component of a CUSTOMER placed ORDER, recording any Tax exemptions that the ordering CUSTOMER may receive. The segments are typically used in marketing campaigns. For example, a party belongs to a contact list. CHECKIN INDIVIDUAL BAGGAGE Minimum and Maximum scores for each segment associated with an ACCOUNT SEGMENT or CUSTOMER SEGMENT. BOOKING The granularity of the fact is at a current date. BILLING TRANSACTION COUPON ADDITIONAL PRINT LINES. For example: Lookup for different types of shipment priority. The Global Distribute System (GDS) information of each PNR. Note: An organization can also consist of only one individual. ROUTES Specifies the account number and the cost center associated with each BOOKING. The TSM is a pricing record associated to one passenger only, the one the MD PNR element is associated to. They smooth the manual processes and present them in a structured format for effective communication. CAR RENTAL CHARGE PERIOD FLIGHT LEG INVENTORY SSR For example: Sales Representative in the operator owned shops, Direct sales representatives in the call center, and dealers in case of partner. Specifies the daily summary data about LOYALTY ACCOUNT (for a FREQUENT FLYER). Represents Support Vector Machine (SVM) factors of attributes of customers, derived from customer loyalty support vector machine mining model. Associative entity connecting any level of the item hierarchy and organization hierarchy, and optionally a VENDOR, with the promotion. A physical place the retailer conducts business. Logical and physical data flow diagrams are the two classifications of data flow diagrams. Specifies the checking information at the LEG level. Learn about the 3 stages of a Data Model Design- Conceptual Data Model- Logical Data Model- Physical Data Model For example: Associative entity for GEOGRAPHY HIERARCHY and GEOGRAPHY LEVEL, mapping levels to hierarchies. FLIGHT SEGMENT INVENTORY CABIN BOOKING CLASS CODESHARE BOARDINGFIGURES DCS. PROSPECT ORGANIZATION DUNS numbers are specific to ORGANIZATIONs and SIC codes are for industry sectors. The segment level inventory update by DCS input. The billing transaction complete ticket document information. Value type describes the type of value. ORGANIZATION HIERARCHY VERSION Hierarchy among the job roles within an organization. Holds details about the execution message used in a CAMPAIGN. A characteristic quality or a distinctive feature of a Competitor Intelligence. CUSTOMER LOYALTY SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE FACTOR. ER modeling helps you to assess info specifications systematically to make a … For example, Service Class is Economy, and Booking Class may be A, B, C, and D. This booking class can fall under different services at a different point of time. BILLING TRANSACTION COMPLETE FORM OF PAYMENT. CAMPAIGN MESSAGE The actual shifts the hourly employees have worked in, including break time. ORGANIZATION COMPANY SEASON ACCOUNT TRANSFER The market statistical information gathered about the competitors and the market. For example: Lookup for valid Types of PARTY IDENTIFICATION. Check-in channel origins. TAX LINE ITEM It is sent out in advance of the shipment to enable the retailer to plan workload and receipt processing. JOB The POS Item ID will generally be filled with the GTIN (UPC, EAN, and so on) for an item -- but it is not mandatory. The data model helps to represent the data in logical and physical levels. Any logical entity that is recognized as a product or item for Business Analysis and transactions. A record that a particular employee has been trained in performing a particular task. HOTEL BOOKING CONTACT UNIT MAINTENANCE PLAN Chinese Simplified / 简体中文 For example: Describes the current party status history, regarding for topics of carrier interest. Identifying information unique to a PARTY. PLANNING WEEK TICKET FACT. Header of assembly tree structure representing the positions of tracked or required components that make up a complex assembly. A PREPARED SKU ITEM is different from an SKU ITEM because a PREPARED Item is not booked into inventory when the item is manufactured; nor is it removed from inventory when it is sold; rather the inventory for the BULK ITEM constituent parts as defined by the recipe is reduced when the prepared item is sold.