Pastry chefs are responsible for the creation, decoration, and presentation of desserts such as cakes, pastries and pies. Below is our pastry chef job description. They will need to be able to delegate, hire, and motivate their staff and workers in a high stress environment. The ingredients have to be in exact portion or it could really ruin the dessert. Learn how to enable cookies. Buy our Pastry Chef Job Description Template right now and you will be on your way to getting the best out of your work force. Pastry Chef Job Description What is a Pastry Chef? General duties include ordering ingredients and supplies for the restaurant to hiring employees to assist in the production of pastry goods and other aspects of the business. Banish the blank page for good with our 1000+ HR templates. Get clear explanations of the most common HR terms. Their duties include baking traditional confectionary, contributing new items to pastry selections, and overseeing pastry section staff. to ensure the presentation will be beautiful and exciting, Monitor stocks for baking ingredients such as flour, sugar etc. Job Description. A bachelor's program in pastry arts generally includes studies in … Come work at Example Co., a leading firm in our industry in the metro area. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. Read our in-depth report. Geographically, assistant pastry chefs working in New Jersey ($61,970), District of Columbia ($61,800), and Rhode … The highest career progression for a pastry chef is in an executive position whereby the responsibility for the entire kitchen staff and functionality is taken on.Most companies accept pastry chefs who have undergone certificate programs in pastry arts, however, there is a general preference to those who obtained an associate's degree focusing on the business and technical aspects of the job. Day-to-day operations can also require the pastry chef to research recipe concepts and develop and test new recipes. Organizational and time management skills are also valuable assets to the job. Jobs Job Descriptions Library Hospitality Job Overview. Pastry Chef Duties and Responsibilities: Manages all day-to-day operations of the pastry and bakery section of the kitchen. Introduction / Job Description. Job Description and Resume Examples A collection of job descriptions, resume examples, employment, and career resources. Pastry Chef Job Description. The pastry chef job description will require a pastry chef to have a good creativity, artistic skills in decorating cakes, pay attention to detail, as well as knowledgeable of sanitation principles, food preparation, and nutrition. As such, the job requirements include a decent level of physical fitness, the ability to pay close attention to detail, and a desire to take pride in one’s work. Don’t let jargon stand between you and your to-do list. Collaborate with the head chef to create exciting new desserts that complement our menu. Due to being confined in the kitchen for most of the job, pastry chefs often work long hours on their feet so must be physically able to do so. and make appropriate orders within budget, Check quality of material and condition of equipment and devices used for cooking, Guide and motivate pastry assistants and bakers to work more efficiently, Identify staffing needs and help recruit and train personnel, Maintain a lean and orderly cooking station and adhere to health and safety standards, Proven experience as Pastry Chef, baker or relevant role, Willingness to replenish professional knowledge, Certificate in culinary arts, pastry-making, baking or relevant field, How to Hire: 5+1 tips for hospitality recruiting, How to find Restaurant Chefs with Boolean search strings, How to improve your restaurant turnover rate, In depth knowledge of sanitation principles, food preparation and baking techniques and nutrition, Working knowledge of baking with ingredient limitations (pastries that are gluten free, sugarless etc. Pastry Chef Job Duties and Responsibilities. Job description for Assistant Pastry Chef. Pastry Chef Job Description. Usually the pastry chef does all the necessary preparation of the various desserts in advance, before dinner seating begins. Americas: +1 857 990 9675 Including requirements, responsibilities, statistics, industries, similar jobs and job openings for Assistant Pastry Chef. Apply today! Candidates who perform well in this position are passionate in pastry arts with a proven ability to follow recipes and instructions accurately. This pasty chef job description serves and a guideline for employers, HR Managers and hospitality recruitment agencies seeking to recruit pastry chefs. Pastry chefs are responsible for the creation, decoration, and presentation of desserts such as cakes, pastries and pies. Your job description is the first touchpoint between your company and your new hire. Make sure to use appropriate paragraph breaks and bullet points so it’s easy on the eyes. Assistant pastry chefs employed in the travel industry and recreation industry can make the highest mean annual wages, about $56,000 – $58,000 per year. Pastry Chef Job Description Home • Job Descriptions • Last update: 2020-02-07 Also known as a Dessert Chef, the Pastry Chef is responsible for crafting a wide variety of … following traditional and modern recipes If you're hard-working and dedicated, Example Co. is an ideal place to get ahead. following traditional and modern recipes, Creating new and exciting desserts to renew our menus and engage the interest of customers, Decorating pastries using different icings, toppings etc. We are searching for an experienced Pastry Chef for our store. In commercial kitchens the pastry chef plans the dessert and sweets menu, creates recipes and manages ingredients inventory. With millions of people searching for jobs on Indeed each month, a great job description can help you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position. He or she is the expert of creation, execution, and presentation of pastries and desserts. Many executive pastry chef jobs require a bachelor's degree from a culinary school. Europe & Rest of World: +44 203 826 8149. We are looking to hire an experienced Pastry Chef to help us keep growing. Industry insights, new tech and tools, step outside the day-to-day demands of HR and keep pace with a changing world. Baking is an extremely difficult task. What’s in, what’s out, and what’s around the corner—they’ve got the HR world covered. They must understand and appreciate the subtleties of flavor pairings and different tastes, and have a good aesthetic sense for food and pastry presentation. In some kitchens, the pastry chef is responsible for baking breads and rolls in addition to the dessert offerings. Being an Executive Pastry Chef monitors customer satisfaction. Position: Executive Pastry Chef JOB SUMMARY: The Pastry Chef should have the culinary expertise and experience to make a wide variety of desserts and baked goods, including confectionery work. pies, tarts, sponges, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, croissants, ice creams, sorbets, creams, sauces, … Americas: +1 857 990 9675 Preparing a wide variety of goods such as cakes, cookies, pies, bread etc. Assists the banquet manager in the preparation and coordination of banquets Leadership: Just like any other job, as the head of a bakery or dessert kitchen in a restaurant, a pastry chef will need to know how to manage and work adequately with a group of other works. Hospitality and Tourism Also known as Dessert Chefs, Pastry Cooks specialize in creating confectionery and other pastry-based items in the food, hospitality, or retail industries. This Pastry Cook sample job description can assist in creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction so that we can maintain and expand our clientele. Your job description is the first touchpoint between your company and your new hire. With millions of people searching for jobs on Indeed each month, a great job description can help you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position. A pastry chef specializes in the preparation of desserts and other baked goods. The pastry chef is responsible for ordering kitchen supplies and producing all forms of baked foods in line with the discretion of the management. Job Duties. Get clear, concise, up-to-date advice with our practical, step-by-step guides. We're pleased to have a 4.0 Glassdoor rating. We are looking for an experienced Pastry Chef to prepare a variety of desserts, pastries or other sweet goods. What Does a Pastry Chef Do? Direct the creation and preparation of all pastry dishes and baked goods. Executive Pastry Chef. Ready-to-go resources to support you through every stage of the HR lifecycle, from recruiting to retention. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. How to Balance Time and Candidate Quality In Your Interview Process, Create and prepare all pastry items as required by the business, Prepare, clean and organize ingredients for use in the kitchen, Plan the menu of desserts and pastry to complement savory items, Ensure the kitchen is clean and sanitized at all times, Oversee a team of junior pastry cooks and other staff members as necessary, Maintain up to date knowledge about pastry arts and ingredients, Carry out administrative duties to maintain an efficient workspace, Proven experience working as a pastry chef in a fast-paced kitchen environment, Able to follow recipes and instructions accurately, Good knowledge of pastry arts and ingredients, Good sense of planning and preparation for the day ahead, Diligent and meticulous in making and receiving orders, Strong organizational and time management skills, Punctual and discipline to ensure optimal work performance, Physically able to stand for long hours every day in a hot kitchen, Be sure to mention requisite years of experience and educational requirements, Tell job seekers what's unique about your company and job, Ideal length is a few paragraphs or about 200 words.