b. As the angle of incidence increases, you observe the first strong interference maximum at an angle 24.5^\circ. The index of refraction of the film is 1.32 , a... A vibrating 1000 Hz tuning fork produces sound waves that travel at 340 m/s in air. These speakers both start out 4.50 m from the listener, but speaker A is slowly moved away. b. 2-1 CHAPTER 2 RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this unit, you should be able to: 1. c. For a charge oscillating in time motion Waves also have a wavelength to them – the distance between the same positions on two waves. A piano student inadvertently plays an F, F#, and G, with frequencies of 349 Hz, 370 Hz, and 392 Hz. You're in a small boat on a perpendicular line midway between the two openings, L = 80 m from... Vibrators A and B are sources of waves with different wavelengths and they are placed close to one another in a ripple tank. a. d. Far-field. For how many different wavelengths in a 300 to 700 nm range is there a) fully con... 1) Two tuning forks having frequencies of 460 and 464 Hz are struck simultaneously. The first-order bright frin... 1. b. Vertical The distance between the speaker... Below is a diagram of the sound waves produced by two speakers, where the collection of dots represent vibrating air molecules and the distance between each compression (i.e., the region where the... A disabled tanker leaks kerosene (n= 1.20) into the Persian Gulf, creating a large slick on top of the water (n = 1.30). 52)   In the solutions of inhomogeneous vector potential wave equation, which component exists if the source is at origin and the points are removed from the source (Jz = 0)? The Sound of Waves Questions and Answers. c. Frequency b. Frequency c. 123.17 Ω Wave propagation is any of the ways in which waves travel. Wave is incident in direction of plane of the loop with induced maximum voltage Suppose two linear waves of equal amplitude and frequency have a phase difference \phi as they travel in the same medium. A listener sits directly in front of one speaker at a distance of 4 meters from it so that th... Two waves, y_1(t) and y_2(t), have identical amplitudes and oscillate at the same frequency, but y_2(t) leads y_1(t) by a phase angle of 60 degrees. 1 m – 10 m b. (a) What is the smallest separation between two slits that will produce a s... Two loudspeakers are placed 4.5 m apart. What is the smallest separation distance between the speakers that will produce destructive interference at a l... Two waves traveling on a string in the same direction both have a frequency of 92 Hz, a wavelength of 0.19 m, and an amplitude of 0.32 m. What is the amplitude of the resultant wave if the original... What is the variation of pressure in the sound wave if the sound intensity is 3.85 times 10^{-8} W/m^2 the speed of sound is 343 m/s and the density of air is 1.2 kg/m^3? c. Triangular c. Both a and b a. Reactive c. Power Pattern b. Why? (ii) One of the resistive parts of antenna is the loss resistance. In a double slit experiment, the intensity of light at the center of the central bright fringe is measured to be 1.4 \ W/m^2. The type of radio wave responsible for long-distance communications by multiple skips is the. Calculate the frequency of beats produced in the air when two sources of sound are activated, one emitting a wavelength of 32 cm and the other of 32.2 cm. What is th... A certain dog whistle operates at 23.5 kHz, while another (brand X) operates at an unknown frequency. If the handle of a tuning fork were to be handled firmly against a table, would the sound from the tuning fork change? Determine the wavelength of light used in this experiment... A flat observation screen is placed at a distance of 3.7 m from a pair of slits. a. b. What are the conditions for maxima and minima? From both of them, you hear a singer singing C# (frequency 277 Hz), while the speed of sound in the room is 340 m/s. Increase in Magnetic field intensity 1. a. Suppose a monochromatic X-ray beam of wavelength 100 pm is sent through Young's double-slit and the interference pattern is observed on a photographic plate placed 40 cm away from the slit. For stable interference to occur, the phase difference must be. A laser produces light of wavelength lambda and amplitude A. c. Maximum radiated power along main axis c. Both a and b 69)   According to depth of penetration, what is the percentage proportion of attenuated wave w.r.t its original value? d. Congruent. Interference fringes, including a central maximum, are observe... A radio transmitting station operating at a frequency of 170 MHz has two identical antennas that radiate in phase. Plane b. Converter a. Sinusoidal In the experiment of Lloyd's Mirror, when a light beam is shone on a mirror and reflected, it is phase shifted by 180 degrees. d. Voltage. Will this be audible? A non-reflective coating (n = 1.41) covers the glass (n = 1.52) of a camera lens. If the index of refraction of the film is 1.38, what is the minimum thickn... A thin layer of oil (with index of refraction 1.18) is floating on water. The acoustical system shown in the figure is driven by a speaker emitting sound frequency 756 Hz. c. Current Power delivered to antenna The two antennas radiate in phase at a frequency of 5.6 MHz. What type of graph would you expect get? (a) the wave... Two identical loudspeakers are driven in phase by a common oscillator at 780 Hz and face each other at a distance of 1.20 m. Locate the points along the line joining the two speakers where relative... Two loudspeakers are placed on a wall 2.05 m apart. 16)   Which among the following defines the angular distance between two points on each side of major lobe especially when the radiation drops to zero? Interference effects are produced at point P on a screen as a result of direct rays from a 518 nm source and reflected rays off the mirror. If two people talk simultaneously and each creates an intensity level of 65 dB at a certain point, does the total intensity level equal to 130 dB? 50)   The vector magnetic potential shows the inverse relationship with its ____, a. a. Radiator b. Subsurface communication Calculate the frequency of amplitude modulat... A laser produces light of wavelength lambda . What is the lowest frequency that will produce... Light at 633 nm from a helium-neon laser shines on a pair of parallel slits separated by 1.453 times10^{25} m and an interference pattern is observed on a screen 2.00 m from the plane of the slits.... Monochromatic light falls on a screen 1.75 m from two slits separated by 2.10 mm. d. Phase. The light is directed through two splits that are separated by a small distance. c. Triangular a. Widest You will hear sound that comes directly to you from the lecturer along with sound that com... Radio waves (419m) from a station travel along two paths from the transmitter to a house. In the figure, two loudspeakers, separated by a distance of d_1 = 2.78 m, are in phase. how the information is stored on the radio wave. What average frequency will you hear, and what will the beat frequency be? Use 3 significant figures. A : 7.8 x 10-7 m B : 1.... Two in-phase loudspeakers, which emit sound in all directions, are sitting side by side. What beat frequency do they produce? They produce the same sounds, in step, across a frequency range of 744 Hz to Point P is located from one loudspeaker and from the other. c. α = ±βd 82)   Which among the following elucidate the generation of electromagnetic waves? a. Briefly explain the concepts of constructive and destructive interference. What is a phase shift? a. The waves start out in phase with each other. Radio waves, Microwaves, or Infrared waves Multiple Choice Question and Answer . 94 nm B. 34)   Which among the following exhibits perpendicular nature in TEM wave? Each wave is 32m apart. b. Each memb... A loudspeaker A and point C, where a listener is positioned. frequency. The water droplets appear to be causing patterns of black and bright blue fringes. In noisy factory environments, it is possible to use a loudspeaker to cancel persistent low-frequency machine noise at the position of one worker. Radio-wave communications signals travel through the air in a straight line, reflect off of clouds or layers of the ionosphere, or are relayed by satellites in space. Neglect mass of the string. Two sources S_1 and S_2 emitting light of wavelength 600 \ nm are placed a distance 1.0 \times 10^{-2} \ cm apart. A wave with an amplitude of 1.94 m interferes with a second wave with an amplitude of 0.85 m. What is the largest resulting wave that could occur if these two waves destructively interfere? 7.99 dB 30)   Which mode of propagation is adopted in HF antennas? The probabili... Hillary stands directly in front of speaker S1 and walks straight away (down on the page). True or False? Why don't we have interference when two candles are placed close to each other and the intensity is seen at a distant screen? What is the lowest frequency at which destructive interference (sound cancellation) will occur... Two pianos each sound the same note simultaneously, but they are both out of tune. a) What does this mean for the distance between ma... Two loudspeakers are placed 4.5 m apart. The fringe spacing on a screen 150 cm behind the slits is 4.0 mm. Electronics and Communication Engineering ECE FAQ Antennas and Wave Propagation Unit wise Two Marks, Short, Viva, Interviews Questions and Answers PDF The beam of a helium-neon laser (632.8 nm) is incident on a slit of width 0.085 mm. b. Briefly explain. b. On a day when the speed of sound is 354 m/s, a 2000 Hz sound wave impinged on two slits 30 cm apart. ... Hz 1. Plane 1) What is the wavelength of Super high frequency (SHF) especially used in Radar & satellite communication? A bicyclist between the two cars, 4.50 m from each horn, is disturbed to find she is at a point of constructi... Two loudspeakers are placed above and below each other 3.00 m apart and driven by the same source at a frequency of 4.50 x 10^2 Hz.