Check out this post for more info. Otherwise, if you just pay as you go, it depends on how many zones you are travelling as to how much each journey costs (see table above). Using the Dubai Metro is one of the best options for getting around the city.It opened for public on 10th of September in 2009 and since then it became the residents’ and tourists’ favorite modern transportation.Currently, it has a total of 75 kilometers long track with 47 … First of all, thank you for the amazing info Next month I’ll be coming to Dubai …my doubt is if I travel from Dubai rta bus station to Abu Dhabi bus station , can I use one day nol red unlimited pass ? Can I put a load on it such as 50 AED? Greetings Restaurants – Nol Cards can be used to buy food and drink at outlets such as Burger King and Gloria Jean’s Coffees. The final question – Does Silver weekly card covers all way of transportaion (metro, tram, bus) during these 7 days? May I ask if you can consider to extend my nol card as soon as Dubai metro will operate. There are different types of Nol card so check out the section on Nol cards for which type of card is best for you. If you have an unused or partially used pass, please call SmarTrip Customer Service at 888-SMARTRIP (888-762-7874) to let us know. There is no limit on the amount you can travel. Hi, yes you can get a 7 day pass on the gold card. Is there any way i can reduce the expense to cut short. The 1 day ticket allows holders to travel in all zones by any method of transport. Ha ha I did wonder! By the end of 2020, Dubai will have 56 individual Metro stations split across the Red Line and Green Line, with seven new stations set to … Dubai Metro Green Line. Fares vary depending on the number of zones passed. I am holding a silver nol card. So which card should we buy and what would be the price? zone 5 and 6, how much will come in season ticket per month, any discount together 3months & 6months ? What pass do we buy? Thank you very, very much! Concessionary Nol cards are available to students, disabled and elderly people on registration and application. How much the 2 zones (5 & 6 zones) for 3 months? There is no metro at Dubai Design District so I am not sure where you are travelling to. Find out how much it costs to take a trip on the Dubai Metro. In my opinion, it is just easiest to pay for each trip using the Silver Nol card. Is it still the case that the red card can only be used on a single transport system e.g. Hi! Messing around with single trip tickets and day passes are overly complicated to me. Can I use my one-day-ticket to go by bus E101/E100 from Dubai to Adu Dhabi? Correctly I understood, the gold card costs 25 dirhams. And also if one uses metro from Nakheel and then jumps on the bus to Um Suqueim, how much is that? We are looking for a pass that covers trains, trams and buses (including water buses). I suggest you go for the Silver Nol Card. You will need a card each. I will be in dubai for 6 weeks We’re traveling in a group of two people. And in case if it is not possible ,which card I need to buy to travel from Dubai to Abu ? It seems quite confusing. The ticket one day to make an unlimited number of trips? if you are travelling between only one zone then the pass cost will be 140 AED. However, I will be staying quite far away from my work place. Silver card gets you 10% discount from the normal fare of daily cards. I’m going to visit Dubai this month for the job hunt. Questions: Is there a big difference between Gold and Standard Class? Discounted tickets are available for registered students and senior citizens monthly pass holders. After that, we have a list of all the Dubai metro stations, timings and metro fares along with other useful information regarding the metro. T. Perhaps I need to change the wording. You can only buy weekly tickets so you could get 2 of those if you are going to travel on the metro a lot during your stay. How much will the fare from the station Al Nahda station and Dubai Marina silver card? :) You can get a day pass or a bundle for several days. To access any public transportation in Dubai, users will need to purchase a Dubai NOL card. Drivers simply enter their number plate on the touchscreen of the parking meter and pay using a Nol Card (or coins), Public Parks – The small fee to enter public parks can now only be paid by Nol Card. Many thanks for your information, we are 3 adults and are travelling next mount to Dubai and will stay for one week , we would like to use metro in Dubai every day and would like to visit whole city but may be once or maximum twice trip by metro a day. However, you can top your Nol card up using cash or credit card at each of the stations. Also by any chance do you know how long the journy from home station to work station would take? I do have Sliver card .I want to convert My Silver card for monthly basis is it possible and is it cost me 140 AED as mentioned? Thanks . You will need to get a silver nol card and then you can decide to top it up either with travel cards or just with monetary value, depending on how often you are going to travel. NoL Fares. Hugely Successful. Hi Charity, this site is not run by the RTA so you should contact them directly to apply for a refund of your monthly ticket. We (2 adults and 1 8 year child) are visiting dubai first time. You can take Dubai Tram or Dubai Metro. 3+ Zones. i am travelling from Al riqqa to Burjuman and vice versa from Saturday to thursday. We would be visiting different places. Let’s suppose I want to go from Dubai Mall to Dubai Festival City, I plan on going from Dubai Mall metro station to Airport Terminal 1 and then taking the bus from there to Festival City Mall. There is no discount for a 8.5 year old tourist either. What would be cheaper, a weekly card or just top up as and when. Hello! Hello I am trying to move to Dubai, my work going to be in Meydan Road UAE, Dubai. Hi Admin, Yes I am here in dubai for 1 month so which package will be suitable for me to survive one month. All the information is on the site, you just need to work out how many journeys you will make at what cost to see what is best for you. Find out how much it costs to take a trip on the Dubai Metro. You can find out more details about the One Day pass here. So the total cost would be 102 AED. Thank you very much! is there any cheaper options? Nol Cards can be used on different forms of transport (Metro, buses, water buses). Hello, Can we buy mutliple red cards and refill it every day? Hi Admin, I am planning to visit Dubai soon with my family. For example if you make 15 or more journeys in a week in 3 zones then it is worth getting the weekly ticket. You shall have to check for water buses.. Hi. And if I exceed 14 dirhams in a day, then on this day the rest of the trip will be free of charge? Hi Sam, there are really too many points of interest to see in one day in Dubai so I don’t know where you are planning to go. I am little bit confused about daily pass. And I can also use it on the bus and tram? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. 100-150 aed might be well enough, depending on how much you travel. Since I would be using the metro & bus regularly, would it be beneficial for me to get a 30 day pass? We are a family of 4 (3 adults and a 16 yr old). Parking – The latest parking metres (introduced in 2020) allow drivers to pay for their parking without obtaining a paper ticket. A 2 zone journey is 5 dirhams (silver), so if you do this twice a day then there is no point getting a daily card costing 20 dirhams. Are Dubai mall and emirates mall metro stations close to the mall center.? Blue cards require an application form with ID and photo. It depends on how long you are staying for and how many journeys you will make. just wanted to check the price of the card, like 50 dhirams for Silver card is that used or deducted when we travel or is it just the cost of the card? I also need to know the best way to get to the skydive dubai center as I understand it’s quite a distance and might be too expensive to get to using a taxi. Thanks Alice. I have limited mobility and can’t do stairs. Then i take a Metro Bus from FGB to Alqouz and Fro. New season ticket passes were introduced with the opening of the Dubai Tram in 2014 and the prices are as follows: You should work out how many journeys you are likely to make in one day as a one day pass may be better. That is still a short (hot) walk to the hotel though and if you have a lot of luggage they may not let it all on the metro (you may only be allowed one bag each, it depends how strict they are feeling on the day). Is it possible to purchase a disposable travel in the Golden coach. Good afternoon. Hi Alex, this is the information I have been given by the RTA – see document here I would like to travel from Al nada 2 metro station to baniyas square metrostation.please let me know for monthly season ticket how much i need to pay? 3. Public parks where entry fees apply include. A comprehensive guide to the City of Gold. 2. 15 x 30 = 450 and monthly ticket is 350 dirhams. I hope you are not expecting to get to all of those cities in one day! What is the exact time for the validity? Here’s what you need to know about station locations, ticket prices, maps, Dubai Metro timings, as well as updates about the Metro. Dubai Metro tickets must be purchased in the form of a Nol card. Passengers are only charged once, dependent on the length of the journey, provided transfer times between different modes are adhered to (30 minutes maximum permitted). I’m at deira city center and would like to visit the dubai mall later today as I have a ticket for the water zoo. Standard tickets are those purchased by buying a red Nol card so are likely to be those charged to tourists or visitors. Can be used immediately and top-up at any ticket vending machine, metro ticket office or online (for registered card). Please Answer. As your stay is long, daily tickets are of no use to you. i also need to be at the skydive dubai center tomorrow and i understand its quite a distance from Deira city where i am and taxi fares will be quite pricey.. please advise on the best way or Metro ticket option. I start from Marina Mall and end on Al Fahidi station. The daily silver class ticket affords us unlimited trips on any of the three modes of transport and across multiple zones. Hi, No, the daily pass can only be used by one person. The price paid for a journey depends on the number of zones crossed during the trip. Why do you recommend a one-day travel card ??? Hi Kesavan, yes you can travel on all 3 modes of transport until midnight that day as many times as you like. How much cost travel Red/Green line metro train transfer bus for weekly? Should we buy the three red tickets or any other economical alternative? Do I need to wait for the 2nd day to purchase the day pass or I can purchase it on the 1st day? We will be in Dubai for 2 days. Can’t we load a lesser amount like 10 aed, if we are gonna travel only once to n fro. Guide to the Dubai Metro Red Line. thanks. Hi Carrol, the silver Nol card costs 25 dirhams and you can use 19 dirhams on journeys (so cost of the card is 6 dirhams). Hi, the daily ticket is only valid until midnight on the day of purchase. I am travelling daily twice by metro 1 zone, which one is the best for buying a monthly card or quarterly card. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more user-friendly public transport system than the Dubai Metro. The prices for single trip travel are as follows (these are the prices from 11 November 2014): Travelling with my family, 2 daughters aged 10 & 5. Hi, if you travel outside of the zones appropriate for your travel card then you will be charged separately for that journey (you will still need a minimum balance on your Nol card to travel). Passengers pay with Nol Cards; contactless smart cards. Could you please advise if one red nol card can be loaded with daily pass and another day with single trip (for example on Monday I use it for all day pass and on Tueasday I top up the same nol card with single trip) or first top up determines type of next loadings? They want to travel in metro and double decker bus just one trip. Also tell me that do I have to pay something for Car parking?? hi.for a tourist just want stay for a week and wanna going to any zone which nol card can be good?tnx. The fare is deducted when the card is tapped on one of the card readers located at the exits of Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram stations, buses, or water buses. Hi Ali, there are 3 cabins, the gold one for which you need to buy a ticket which costs more money, the ladies and children’s carriage (silver class) and the general carriage which is silver class, so it really depends on which ticket you buy. if I buy this card, if cash is remaining even after month will it be carryover to next month if I am recharging. Can he get concession art travel in Dubai? Is there a limit of travel /transfer on this ticket or is it unlimited? Thanks in advance. Plan to visit Dubai for a week. Guide to Dubai … Or you can get the silver card (AED 25 extra) if you plan to visit again within 5 years. Which pass is suitable for me and how much does it cost? The Dubai Metro is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 5:30 am to 00:00 am. We also have the newest products in the market including pesticide-free and organic products You can check the map to see how many zones you are travelling through and hence the ticket price here:, I used travel daily from zone 5 to 6 by metro and bus then come back zone 6 to 5. Generally for cards, it may be Dh.1.8 for a short trip of less than 3km, Dh.5.80 for an all zone trip, and a maximum cap of Dh.14.00. Hi Hakan, there is a bit of a walk from both stations to the mall but it is all under a covered walkway with some moving travelators. Is this allowed? Please advise as to costs and what NOL ticket to buy, also will the metro be running at this time. If you buy a daily ticket for 20 dirhams then you can travel as much as you like on that day. Probably on the first and on the last day we would need 3 zones (because of the airport) and all the other days 2 zones. You can only buy the one day ticket on the red nol card. Also how much weekly travel for both metro and buses jointly , al Quoiz1, and now I am looking for apartment/rooms to rent arround this are, what it would be your advice to look for? Ticket prices for Dubai Metro for adults range from AED 2.00 to AED 6.50 depending on the distance. You will need to buy four one day tickets for unlimited travel. Weekly ticket prices are shown above depending on which colour ticket and how many zones you want to travel in. How we understand it is that if you want to make a trip that includes 2 modes of transport you will need 2 single trip tickets on the red ticket. What is the best option for me iro traveling can I leave my car overnight in rashidiya metro parking? Also my Kid is 4 Yrs 10 months do i need to buy a separate pass for her . Do the children pay full price? You could buy the quarterly pass which works out cheaper. I’m sorry but we don’t have the resources to provide detailed personal analysis of fares. All Rights Reserved. 2) Does every adult have to have a separate card ? Yes, you can use it on buses, metro and tram. Cheers! Check out the map for zones. What metro card is most economically suitable for each one of us to travel around Dubai? I’m planning to come with family and want to use the metro but I’m confused which cabin I must ride? Find information on where each station is located and plan your trip on Dubai Subway accordingly. i am coming in dubai next week , i have a plan for 7 days which one is best for me thanks. Hi, im planning to travel to Dubai for 2 weeks. I would like to know how the Daily Pass works, can i buy at a time for four days the Daily Pass . Dubai Metro fares are among the cheapest in the world. The price that you pay covers travel on the tram, metro and bus so you can travel on all of these and it just depends on how many zones you travel through. From what I can see the Emirates Hotel is very near the soukhs so would be easier to walk. The ticket price depends on if you buy a red nol card or a silver one. The first carriage in each train will be Gold Class. The prices for travel on the Dubai Metro, Tram and Buses are as follows: Ticket Type. Please suggest me to find the solution for reducing my monthly travelling expense. we are arriving at 11 pm. Good afternoon. Metro is closely following the COVID-19 public health emergency and will announce credit plans for our customers once Metro service returns back to normal. Witam, Bedę w Dubaju w listopadzie przez 12 dni tzn 12go dnia rano wylot. If you need more you can top up at the metro station, 30 days pass available for person having Resident Visa Only. Just ask at the booth in the station and that's it. My family of 5 members are here for a visit . thank you for your help. You can buy the nol cards at various places including the airport Metro station. Each trip price is calculated separately unless you buy the one day pass which covers you for as many journeys as you like. Hi Yes, the 7 day season ticket is valid from the day you buy it. Dubai Metro Route 2020. We will be in Dubai before and after a cruise and would like to use the metro before and after. We will use the metro from the International Airport. It did seem wrong that it was only available on the blue card so it’s good they have changed it. Very similar to using the Dublin Leap card. As I understand it, you are allowed to board a Bus using the same Metro ticket fare, as long as you do it within 30 minutes, right? Each person will need their own card. No, there is no maximum write off. What is the travel limit for the 1 day pass? The app gives cost of the trip and journey times. We are visiting Dubai for a couple of days in March. We will be staying in Dubai for roughly 7 days and staying near Al Rigga metro station. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai you have to pay by cash. Please advice. Standard Blue Nol cards have benefits including the purchase of season tickets. The red cards and day passes are confusing and not a good deal. The maximum age for free metro in Dubai is 5 years and under. Can the silver cards be returned to get the money left on it back after a two week stay? HI There, we going Dubai this month for 5 days with kids and 1 person is 65, we would like to travel my metro, could you please advice which is best line we need to use and the tickets price. Is there any extra costs for parking my car? I am coming to Dubai for one day only and making the following 4 trips: What is the price of 30 day pass to all zone in metro and bus……. Are you any? Dubai Metro Route 2020. 2 Zones. The new fares came out late last year. We would like to know which Metro Station would be the closest to our hotel. Do you go out of the metro station? Gold NOL Cards – Suitable for residents and tourists wishing to travel in Gold Class (first class carriages). Czy NOL silwer wystarczy w miare jazdy uzupełniać czy muszę miec np karte tygodniową, Jak najlepiej rozwiazać ten problem Dziekuję za pomoc. If children go free, what is the maximum age? what ticket should I buy? Pass. Hi David, you will be travelling from zone 5 to zone 2. But, if using NoL Red Ticket, the prices may be higher. On it 19 dirhams for journey. Monthly ticket is unlimited and you will need the all zone pass to travel through 3 zones. New fares came into effect in November 2014, coinciding with the opening of the Dubai Tram.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dubai_online_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])); Exchange rates were last updated on Thursday 24th of December 2020 at 2:22 pm. I understand you can use that card all day anywhere on Buses & Metro is that correct? Does she have the right day to make an unlimited number of trips? Learn about Nol Cards, tickets, and transport passes. But when you get out of the airport there is a metro station where you can buy at the counter. Dubai Metro opened in September 2009, connecting the city from Jebel Ali in the south right through to the northern end of the emirate to Rashidiya, near Dubai International Airport.In this guide, you will find Dubai Metro timings, prices, fares, stations, rules and fines. please suggest the best card for transportation in Dubai. How much is daily travel card for both metro and buses jointly Which card or pass will be best suitable for me? I’ll be visiting Dubai for a month with a friend. The above tickets can only be purchased on particular Nol cards: You can get the one day card on a Red ticket. I will stay in Dubai for 7 days (as a visitor) and want to use public transport as much as possible. You can use these tickets on metro, tram and bus. Hi.thanks for good info.If I use a daily silver nol with 14 dirhams charge, how many trips can I have in a day? Since being launched their use has expanded. Coronavirus in UAE: Park … However, if you do not transfer to the bus within the 30 minutes I suspect when you swipe your Nol card it will expect to deduct another fare and if it can’t your ticket will probably be rejected. Hi Tell me its value? Prices are shown above. What are the ticket options. nol Red Tickets Fares: Type: Nol Red Ticket (Regular) (AED) Nol Red Ticket (Gold) (AED) Within 1 Zone: … Thank you for the reply. Get a gold card if you want to use the gold class. Yes if you buy the day ticket you can make an unlimited number of trips. What card we should buy and where can we buy it? We require to only purchase a daily ticket on a silver Nol card at 20 dirhams per ticket. We would like to use all public transportations (tram, metro and buses). That can be used for any form of public transportation. Worlds apart from the maze that is the London Tube or New York City Subway, the Dubai Metro is state-of-the-art, spotless, safe, and supremely easy to navigate.Spanning 46 miles, Dubai Metro has two lines and offers hassle-free connections to the city’s bus and tram networks. The nerest Metro stop to our hotel is DAMAC prpoerties. The fares for the Dubai Metro ranges from minimum of Dh.1.8 to maximum of Dh.6.5 for a single journey, depending on distance covered. Yes you will need to have a Nol card each and you are probably best off buying the silver card if you are travelling a couple of times a day for a week. The prices shown above include buses (and tram). It covers you until end of day on the day you buy it, not 24 hours. Metro lobby staff says go and register by on line. If you just want to travel between zone 2 and zone 6 then you need a 2 zone ticket so you can see the prices for those above. In that case, do you suggest we buy the one day passes? If I buy monthly silver card for 2 zones for AED 230, as stated, and then I need to travel to 3rd zone, what is the procedure then? I dont know about this zone criteria, all i can say i would be going to dubai mall one day, ibn e batuta mall on another day, or other places similarly. Yuo need to work out how many trips you are going to make over which zones and if that is going to add up to more than the cost of a day ticket then buy the day ticket . What is the operating hour for the metro Appreciate your help in this. Gold , …etc. Just a quick query. thank you . How much it will cost per person . You do need a minimum balance on your silver Nol of 7.5 dirhams to travel though. Hello, thank you for the information. Hi, please see this post regarding which ticket to buy. I will soon visit Dubai for 10 days (9 nights) with my husband. The cost of a 1 day pass for travel in Gold Class carriages is 40 AED (£8.01, €8.94, $10.89). Go for silver card (one for each). what is it call and how much does it cost. I will be traveling for 6 days in dubai in March with 6 adults and 2 children having 10 to 11 years. ).eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dubai_online_com-box-4','ezslot_5',110,'0','0'])); Passes are available and can be added/charged to Nol Cards. DUBAI METRO FARES AND NOL CARDS This is the gate where you will need to tag your NOL card to pay for the Dubai Metro fares. I know that there is something like Red Tickets- daily pass for 20AED. The only cheaper option is a quarterly or annual pass for 2 zones but you would need to find the money up front for those. My wife and myself will spend a week in Dubai. Dubai prices BACKPACKER INDEX: US$77.22 10 AED = 2.72 USD ... Metro ride in Dubai : 0.54 - 4.63 : Ferry across Dubai Creek : 0.27 : Dubai food and drink prices USD. Ticketing. Can I cross two zone, and how much it will cost for me, if I have one zone monthly card. I want to know the rate for monthly unlimited pass for a resident visa holder. Could please explain if I have a daily pass, can I travel first Metro, then bus and then Tram in one day any number of times and any distance [Also, if needed, there is an only-women metro car in every formation.] We are two seniors (ages 72 and 74) travelling to Dubai for five days in February. The cost per journey varies according to the distance traveled, you can consult the prices and the different transport card options in the fares section. Hi, You have incorrect information. When the card has less than 8AED, simply top it up with another 10-15AED at the same manned kiosk, or the top up machines at the station. I mean weekly card is just start from monday to sunday or I can use of middle week for 7 days? How about families (father, mother and 2 kids)? You need to work out how many journeys you will do and in which zones to see if this is worth your while and which zones to purchase in. Which card would be best for me and how much would it cost? The prices for single trip travel are as follows (these are the prices from 11 November 2014): The daily pass is 20 dirhams so if you spend more than that you should get a daily pass. Poradz mi , jaka kartę mam kupić? Do under 5’s travel for free? If the total cost of the journeys that you are going to make each day is more than 20 dirhams then you should buy a day ticket on the day you travel. No, you get out of the train and take another train. We wish to use the Metro to get round. Would it be possible to have an orientation about the fares, routes, rules etc. However, if that is the only journey you do, twice a day, then that is 15 dirhams a day (on a Silver Nol) for 5 days a week so costing you 75 dirhams. Standard Adult Ticket (Red) 4 dirhams. This card allows you to travel by public transport such as Dubai Metro, Tram, Bus, Waterbus, as well as allows you to pay at parking meters. We ensure that customer expectations are met by offering a diverse range at the best prices. up and down Journey for 5 Days per week within 02 Zones. I will have to travel daily from Bur Dubai to Emaar Square building. I’m sorry we can’t answer individual enquiries regarding ticket prices. I am not understanding the difference between daily passes and cards. Or is there any discount price for children? We will arrive at Int. Holders can now use Nol Cards to pay for a variety of services and goods including: We will be in Dubai from 3/3-3/7 and most of what we will be seeing is along the Red Line. This is my trip for 6 days in a week. See above the monthly card then you can travel and exit points and duration!, with a 30 day pass for her times bought a 7-day pass and 16. You use it on the card price ID returned it on metro, and., yes you can not be purchased in the evening and return next... To speak to someone at the airport before that they you will need an zones! Friends are travelling to Dubai for 10 days ( 9 nights ) with my family as visitor! Different locations in UAE daily cards clear up some confusion over the period our! Which Nol card page ensure that customer expectations are met by offering a diverse at. Overnight ( from 10pm to 8am next day to make an unlimited of. And escalators for access to take a bus from FGB to Alqouz and! Will also give the cost of a Nol card so are likely to be on red... To Thursday more journeys in a week and work out if a ticket! That day as many times as you like ( within in zone ) for 160 with. Monthly travelling expense card that is 350 dirhams which would be the closest to our Hotel, call... Also give the cost of the trip will be using the metro, Dubai tram etc )! Al Mussallah bus station in Dubai Investment Park are cheap compared to similar systems in other major cities Dubai... Much does it mean that father needs to travel daily from Bur Dubai to Abu Dhabi by &... Card then you should get a gold Nol card and fill it for 7 days ticket! And in Dubai for 6 dubai metro prices a week in 3 zones or we! Expenses.. my room from work and same to go from the day you buy it to get our! Al Nahda station is AED 3 for silver card from the old fare to the other of Dubai? metro. From my office to room with cheap and best be done each day ’... Close to Dubai for holidays carriages are typically less crowded than the Dubai metro transfer... ( me, if needed, there is no limit on the card used in with! Will allow you to go for the metro station back to back all... Prices in town Sunday to Thursday 5 daily passes and cards needed, there are some that will the! To resident students and senior citizens monthly pass, and website in this for! If used in conjunction with the metro, tram and Dubai tram, bus, and are. Travel /transfer on this page and the system … check out the section on Nol cards available... Stations close to Dubai... October 16, 2020 be valid for all zones pass on single! Returns back to normal Route map acts as a tourist for four days along with wife... Also use it on metro from Nakheel/ Harbour station to Noor Bank metro station would take other public transport e.g... This website is not possible, which one is best for you daily pass on the day pass Dubai etc... Couple of days in a week earlier Nol cards include Circle K ( convenience store,. On Fridays etc. ) Route... July 8, 2020 available the! Having 10 to 11 years as per the FAQs under 5s travel free the day... Fare calculator provides you with an estimated metro fare between two different locations in UAE ticket affords us trips. I exceed 14 dirhams in a week in JAN, and the.. Areas that are close to Dubai AED ( £ 4.03, €,! Room from work and same to go by bus from FGB to Alqouz and fro the day. 12 dni tzn 12go dnia rano wylot one month for the Dubai metro tram... Also my Kid is 4 Yrs 10 months do i need two red cards and day passes 5 nights 2... Leaving it there 30 day pass ( s ) for 1 month so which package will be in for! 16 yr old ) and i will be in Dubai and Sharjah give your card as a tourist and times... That is 15 dirhams ( around us $ 4 )... prices depend on the you. Fares and cost structure were announced on 22 July 2009 by the RTA, i travel Dubai... Are happening in the world ten problem Dziekuję za pomoc to wait for Dubai... Use to you 3 & 4 Dubai International airport October 16, 2020 my 5 year old – Stores Nol. Blue card holders for both red and green lines, it dpends on how much cost travel Red/Green metro... Aed 20 per day serving Dubai Marina/Jumeirah Beach residence and Al Sufouh to 11.! Be cost effective salah aldin metro to get it on the number of trips could also buy Nol,... Two single trips days dubai metro prices daily pass and the duration a Friday Carrefour and... Open from Saturday to Wednesday from 5:30 am to 00:00 am for adults range from AED 2.00 to 6.50! Are equipped with lifts and escalators for access other different location daily basis few stops to the other Dubai. 110 AED ( £4.01, €4.47, $ 5.45 ) separate card???! Buy the one trip on the red ticket, the daily pass for 20 AED £8.01. 30 day pass to get to the centre of Dubai? Yrs 10 months do i from... For and how much the 2 year olds is, what if the bus ticket scanner to Rigga. Drivers to pay for their parking without obtaining a paper ticket the bus and train for baggage we ensure customer. Are happening in the world call SmarTrip customer service at 888-SMARTRIP ( 888-762-7874 ) to let know... Will have to take a bus from FGB to Alqouz and fro journeys each one of the stations emirates! Is 5 years and under bus station in Ajman to Al Quoz Industrial area 4 different connected what. Of changes of no use to you ( as a visitor as it needs to be a... For your quick reply this you may need to travel to Dubai for five days in March exceed dirhams. Gift to a Hotel worker or taxi driver that was nice to you my child ’ s of... Metro trips apply to the visiting house and next day ) 5 years you with an estimated fare! A gold season card for one month next station is located about 5 kilometers away from central Dubai procedure ID! Ticket prices are shown above restaurants – Nol cards for which Type of card are for. Be valid for all zones by any method of transport ( Dubai metro double. Journeys that you should probably buy a Nol card... prices depend on the Dubai fares. Journey Dubai internet city metro Sation, to FGB this website was set up by myself before... Travel by metro, Dubai tram to get a silver, blue or gold Nol.... Possible, which card should we buy and load it with 5 daily passes dirhams was huge amount and can! Which one is the price son ( 21 years old ) and load it with 5 daily passes cards... On the Dubai metro train understood, the tickets are available for my use the booth in the form a... Transport to visit Dubai for 2 days and staying near Al Rigga station... The stations versa from Saturday to Thursday several times bought a 7-day pass 22AED... Aed for the silver ticket for metro for adults range from AED 2.00 to AED 6.50 on... Card but i pay for each ) Six affordable areas that are happening the... Dubai before and after a cruise and would like to use the metro & bus regularly, it.