Pet Store is the UK's #1 for Pet Supplies. CH6 5EX, Halo Wipes is a trademark of Nice-Pak International Ltd. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We have a 2 year old mixed breed dog who is an expert escape artist. With a range that includes hand wipes, deodorant wipes, moist toilet tissue and eye make-up remover, you can refresh in any situation. HALO . Halo products are made from only the finest quality ingredients that include whole meat, poultry, fish or non-GMO vegetables and fruits for the vegan versions. 99. According to Halo Pets’s VP of Marketing Communications, Halo is entirely made in the United States. Almost 30 years later our business continues to thrive. Halo Pet Products Limited is listed in the following … In Europe alone, Nice-Pak produce over 600 million packs of wet wipes every year and employ over 900 people across our three facilities in Wigan, Flint and Germany. Browse Petco today! The goal is to help you “speak dog”, guided by Millan’s tips and training and to be proactive about the safety of your dog. Cat Food Made with Wild Caught Fish Our MSC certification guarantees responsible, sustainable seafood for your pet. Nice-Pak is the world’s most innovative wet wipe manufacturer. Halo has teamed up with famous dog trainer Cesar Millan, world renowned for his television series the Dog Whisperer. Pet Safety Harness Halo for Blind Dogs Protective Guide Training Vest Ring. Scroll down for further details. We are trusted by many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers to consistently deliver first class products. Halo Pets; Cat. HALO ® Disinfectant Solution uses plant-derived enzymes and citrus extracts to effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize surfaces by digesting dirt, oils, grease & other organic soils the natural way! Teach your blind dog to be more independent. See Our Cat Food. About Nice-Pak . Our product range is designed for the family and home; it includes baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, moist toilet tissue and household cleaning wipes. Helping Animals Live On since 1994 in the Valley of the Sun, adopted out over 60,000 pets, all pets are vaccinated, microchipped and steralized before going home at HALO Animal Rescue We are trusted by many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers to consistently deliver first class products. We also have 6 acres of yard (a lot of trees) so the other “invisible fencing” options weren’t going to give her full run of our property. The Halo pet food brand has a full line of natural dog and cat food, treats and supplements. Nice-Pak International Ltd $23.99 $ 23. The Blind Dog Halo helps pets with vision loss to safely navigate the space around them. We got the Halo Collar for our dog about 2 months ago. 98 (£66.53/100 ml) FREE Delivery. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. E., Halo Wipes Worth every dollar!!! Xikerswo Pet Halo for Blind and Poor Vision Dogs Safe Guide Halo Protective Anti-Collision Adjustable Ring Harness. Halo Gel Polish - Non Wipe Top Coat 8ml. Face Halo, the reusable makeup remover that replaces up to 500 makeup wipes. T. +44 (0) 1352 736700 Walking your pet at night or letting them out in a dark backyard doesn't have to be scary. Ideal for keeping sight of your dog during walks on darker nights. Halo Bowl, made with Cuverro, kills 99% bacteria within 2 hours, 24 hours per day is a safer option for not only your pet but for your family. HALO PET PRODUCTS LIMITED Reg. Home › Products. Add to favourites Add to list. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . T. +44 (0) 1352 736700 Nourish your pet with holistic and whole ingredients found in Halo pet food.