Though Gomez is pleased by the result, Hank isn't as Diego got away. Hank tells his team at the DEA office of the raid on Tuco Salamanca's headquarters, telling them to "get a big-ole raging hard-on" at the thought of catching him. Hank Schrader. Hank checks the voicemail and listens to Walt's message, a plan already forming in his mind ("Rabid Dog"). Hank develops symptoms of PTSD and transfers back to the Albuquerque office to continue his investigation into the blue meth. Meanwhile, Walt and Jesse, having lost the Salamancas for selling meth, have engaged with Jesse's friends. Shaggy was the first to fall, being stabbed to death with Katanas. Hank feigns a stomach bug to leave early, taking the copy of Leaves of Grass with him, and suffers another panic attack. His interest is piqued when the Albuquerque Police Department ask him to help with looking over evidence from the murder of Gale Boetticher (David Costabile), who had been Walt's lab assistant at Gus' meth superlab under an industrial laundry. Henry R. Schrader is the brother-in-law of main character Walter White, and is a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Afterward, Gomez tells Hank privately that he believes Jesse, but agrees that they have no physical evidence against Walt. Hank is curious at this comment, and reviewing the evidence again, makes a connection between Gale and Gus. Occupation Walt is forced to kill Mike to get the informants' names and arrange for their murders before they can be questioned. Hank suggests they keep up their search, but Gomez tells him he won't be able to, as he has to pack for El Paso. However, as Gilligan got to know Norris, he developed Hank into a "more nuanced and complex character" who makes both "personal and professional growth". Elated, Marie begins to complement him, but once the therapist leaves, he coldly tells her to get out. and addressed to "my other favorite W.W." Remembering his conversation with Walter, in which the two joked that the "W.W." mentioned in Gale Boetticher's notes referred to Walter White, Hank comes to the shocking realization that his brother-in-law was the Heisenberg he has been chasing all along ("Gliding Over All"). Later, Hank and Marie invite the Whites over for a barbecue. He then sees Jesse get out of the car with Hank and Steve and calls off Todd and Jack. 3 Hank Schrader Though he’s made out to be the hero early on in the show, Hank seems to be nearly as prideful as his arch-enemy and brother-in-law Walter White. Hank — or ASAC Schrader, ... Moira Walley-Beckett's writing, Rian Johnson's direction, and Dean Norris' acting combined to give ASAC Schrader one of the best death scenes in TV history. Gomez finally agrees to help Hank with the investigation. Hank and his partner Steven Gomez arrive to interrogate him. Much to Hank's frustration, Walt finally leaves. Hank and Walter Jr. laugh at Gale's karaoke video as Walt stares lifelessly. She states that a man with blue eyes and an RV sold it to her, then proceeded to give it to a friend named Matt. When Domingo Molina (later to be known as "Krazy-8") is arrested on drug possession, he spends two days in jail then announces he is willing to inform to the DEA to make a deal with prosecutors. Hank's heroics killing Tuco Salamanca, Walt's distributor, earn him a promotion and a part-time assignment at the DEA's El Paso office, but also leave him enduring debilitating anxiety attacks. Deceased characters from season 5B (Breaking Bad), Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Tri-State Border Interdiction Task Force in El Paso,, ― Hank Schrader's final words to Walter White, Hank wears his wristwatch on his right wrist as seen in the final scene of. Dean Norris machte einen College-Abschluss an der Harvard University und besuchte die Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.. Er begann seine Karriere als Film-und Fernsehschauspieler Anfang der 1980er Jahre. The two run into Saul Goodman, a local criminal attorney. After being mocked for not understanding Spanish as well as becoming increasingly impatient with Tortuga, Hank attempts to intimidate him into giving them the information they're after. After a brief pause in fire, Hank steadies his aim while Tuco reloads his assault rifle. Unaware that the pair of burglars are Walt and Jesse, makes fun of their criminal methods but commends their knowledge of chemistry. "Let's do it together.". He asks Walt if he could drive him to a mineral show the next day, to which Walt agrees. With Dean Norris. Hank thanks him and proceeds to slip the cup into an evidence bag once Gus is gone and stashes under the car seat. Appearance in El Camino Hank and Marie have the Whites over for dinner again, where Walt is becoming increasingly drunk off of wine. Shop Hank Schrader Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. By this point, Hank's superiors have concluded that Gus was Heisenberg and tell Hank to drop the case, but Hank still believes there is more, and want to pursue the informants tied to the accounts. Due to the precursors they used, the product gains a unique blue tint but has an extremely high purity. This experience leaves him with enduring, debilitating anxiety attacks. #22: Hank's Death In 'Breaking Bad' - The moment Hank died was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in the series. After a stern voicemail left by ASAC Merkert informs Hank that the folks in Texas are "breathing down his neck," Hank follows up on the tweaker's lead. After Jack's gang digs up Walt's money, Hank is buried alongside Gomez in the middle of the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation. Hank and the others having dinner without Walt. After some arguing, Hank tells everyone to calm down and claims that this threat was only because of his insistence on tracking Gustavo Fring's operations. Hank is discussing a recent truck explosion near the border with his team, indicating that it must be high-end cartel work, before receiving a call telling him that Walt has been arrested. Despite being shaken up by the blast, Hank goes to help the injured agents ("Negro y Azul"). He once recalled having a job tagging trees as a summer hire during his college years and having oral sex at a gay bar the night before his wedding with a woman named Joan Crawford. Hank bursts through the door and stops him. Hank brings Walter Jr. to a run-down motel that's home to many junkies—which Hank calls the Crystal Palace—tricking Walt Jr. into believing the two of them were going to get Cold Stone ice cream. "You're never gonna catch him with a camcorder," Jesse says as Hank sets up a video camera. At the DEA office, Hank asks his co-workers for donations to fund Walt's surgery. Gilligan and the writers liked the idea of Hank not acting heroically or noble in his suffering. Jr at the Crossroads Motel. Hank exits the bathroom, stunned and transformed. The blue meth and "Heisenberg" quickly draw the attention of Hank and the DEA. Merkert tells his family that Hank was attacked by two cartel hitman and, despite being shot four times, managed to kill one and critically wound the other. He is close to his family-by-marriage, the Whites: Walt, his wife (and Marie's sister) Skyler (Anna Gunn), and their son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte). He tells Walt to take better care of his lab equipment, and then jokes about people suspecting him. Furious, Hank tells her to remove all the equipment from his home and that the only time he'll be leaving the hospital is when he's walking out of it by himself ("Abiquiú"). Shortly after, Tortuga's head is spotted moving slowly in the distance. He is informed by his boss multiple times that he is to suspend the Fring/Ehrmantraut investigation, but he asks Steven Gomez to keep following Mike. Hank generally teases Walt through this period. When Merkert tells Hank that he's really reaching, Hank brings out both the soda cup Gus held earlier and prints from the crime scene, indicating that they are one and the same and questions why Gus was ever at Gale's apartment ("Problem Dog"). Walt told Hank to simply forget about it and that it wasn't an affair, and Hank chose to take his advice. Hank has a cavalier exterior, but the dark side of his job affects him more than he cares to admit. She reveals that Jesse owns a red Monte Carlo that he converted to a low-rider. During Skyler's baby shower, Hank and Walt share drinks and Cuban cigars outside, with Hank letting Walt know that he did a favor for an FBI guy in exchange for the illegal cigars. Portrayed by As one of the DEA agents begins to 'welcome him to Juarez," another touches the severed head, causing the tortoise to explode, killing the latter and severely injuring the others, Vanco in particular having his leg blown off. Since their early days, Hector taught them hard lessons about life and how they should always put family in front of everything. ", "Breaking Bad's Dean Norris to series creator: Please kill my character",,,, "Breaking Bad Watch: I Am the One Who Gets Knocked Out", "Breaking Bad's Blood Money: A Closer Look At Those Intense Final Moments", "Tread lightly: The final season premiere of Breaking Bad, 'Blood Money' recapped", "Breaking Bad premiere recap: 'Blood Money, "TVLine's Performer of the Week: Dean Norris",, Fictional characters with post-traumatic stress disorder, Fictional Drug Enforcement Administration personnel, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 December 2020, at 07:48. Hank drives a midnight blue 2006 Jeep Commander until he is attacked by the Cousins. Ironically, its most infamous scene happens in the episode’s first 10 minutes. I'll see you guys in Belize. To this end, Hank accepted his death despite Walt's pleas, knowing full well that Jack intended to kill him anyway. Gilligan had not considered the character as much more than a foil to Walt at first. With no blue meth on streets and no leads, Hank has given up his investigation and moved on. Following the shootout, Hank is injured with a bullet wound in the leg, his gun empty, and his partner, Steve Gomez, lying on the ground dead. Despite knowing that exposing and arresting Walt would mean the end of his DEA career, due to Walt operating for so long beneath his nose, he continues anyway. He quotes Hank by stating "Good guys never get ink like the bad guys do." Of course he didn't expect meek old Walt. Just before Hank arrives, Walt and Jesse manage to escape, wounding Tuco in the process. When discussing Walt's situation, Hank tells him that if anything happens he will make sure his family is safe and taken care of ("Cancer Man"). Jack's men bury Hank and Gomez' bodies in the hole Walt had stored his money. The next morning, Hank tells Marie that he's continuing to look into the Boetticher case after apologizing for making a mess, indicating that his attitude towards her has been greatly reduced since returning to his usual line of work. The mask was traced back to Walt's high school. Back home, Marie asks for him to share his thoughts on Gomez going to El Paso instead of him, saying that it makes sense for him not wanting to return after what happened. Refusing, she demands to know why he's trying to get her out of the house. He hangs up the phone and gives himself up. After Walt thwarts Mike's deal with Declan and replaces it with his own, Mike retires with his $5 million but his house is searched by Hank and the DEA, who turn up nothing. Hank's strong desire to bring Walt down is evident when Jesse states that he is afraid Walt will kill him at a proposed meeting and after leaving the room, Gomez is worried that the "kid" might be right about the meet being a trap and Hank corrected Gomez by saying "Oh, you mean the junkie murderer?" Janice then tells Hank that she found an additional RV whose registration was never renewed, but was never reported as non-operational, stolen, or destroyed. After Hank escapes, Marco frees Leonel, who tells him to finish off Hank. Jesse is hospitalized and threatens to sue, while Hank is suspended from the DEA without pay. He regards him as a "dipshit, wannabe banger" and wonders why he was dealing blue meth. Once Tim leaves, he tosses the notes on a pile of minerals and begins to watch TV. Steve Gomez visits Hank in the hospital and shows him a map detailing the blue meth's reappearance. Hank concludes by believing that Heisenberg is still in town. Despite this, Marie vows to get Hank the best physical therapists she can find ("Kafkaesque"). Hank, feeling the encounter was a waste of his time, jokes that he at least "didn't shit himself this time," ("Face Off"). In Combo's old room, he finds a picture of him with Jesse Pinkman in a strip club ("Más"). He picks up a lead on the case after Jesse used some of the blue meth to pay for gas for the recreational vehicle he and Walt use to cook the product. At the office, Hector only attempts to spell out insults to Hank before he stops him. Appearances in Breaking Bad When he runs into him in the hallway, Hank offers to hear Walt out if he ever has any issues with gambling. Instead, Jesse suggests they target Walt's money, which they know has been hidden as cash somewhere locally. In response to the toll Tuco's death has taken on him, Hank throws the grill in a local river ("Breakage"). Walt explains to him that he was checking to see if the device was firmly planted ("Hermanos"). Hank meets with Gomez in a parking lot, who hands him the mask they recovered at Walt's cook site. "[2] Mary Kaye Schilling of Vulture opines "It's thanks to [Norris] that Breaking Bad's Hank Schrader has gone from a cliché-spewing booya DEA agent — essentially comic relief — to a savvy, vulnerable mensch who could be the show's ultimate hero." He realizes that Walt buried the money somewhere in the desert and is unaware that his van didn't have GPS as he didn't procure the van himself. Hank admits that Jesse's right, but points out how much Walt seems to care for Jesse. He decides to leave his office, cancelling a meeting in the process ("Confessions"). Hank's initial lead traces back to Walt's school, but Hank wrongly arrests the school janitor. "The Guy For This" "Pinkman gets killed?" Later on at a crime scene in a junkyard, Hank sends a photo of Gonzo and No-Doze to Walt, claiming they're the "world's dumbest criminals," ("Seven Thirty-Seven"). Hank meets Marie at the elevator and proceeds to break down, composing himself before the door opens. [8], Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker writes of Hank's fight with Walt, the series "placed Hank, once a minor, comic character on the show, dead center in the role of hero. Hank is unperturbed. Hank and the others are later seen at a stakeout in Mexico. Although he was a highly competent agent and genuinely cared about Marie, Walter, Skyler White and Walter White Jr., his loud ways insulated him from the danger he faced daily. Schrader Residence (former) However, Hank and Gomez prepare to leave, believing that they are just being strung along. Gomez claims it's game over upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but Hank claims it isn't over. Hank questions Hector on the blue meth and Heisenberg, but Hector refuses to answer. Gus refills Hank's soda and offers to pay for any future meals, even offering Walter Jr. a job if he were to ever be interested. He couldn’t contain what I did.” She suggests he give Walt a call, as he might have sold him marijuana at some point. Walt discovers the copy of the book missing and the GPS device, similar to the one used to track Gus, and confronts Hank. "There's another way to get him," Jesse promises. After a tense moment, both sides face off into a stand-off. Hank has shown himself to be a good law enforcement agent and competent investigator who was able to expose Gustavo Fring for what he truly was. Six months later, after Walt had fled the state with a new identity, he returns to make his amends, and gives Skyler the location of the bodies, knowing it will help her to plea bargain her case. Discuss the poll here Hank and Steven leave, unaware this was a ruse by Saul, at Lalo Salamanca's command, not only to get Domingo out of jail before he could talk about the Salamanca drug operation, but to expose their competitors to the DEA. When Walt refuses to stop giving Walter Jr. shots, Hank decides that they've had the bottle for too long. While rendezvousing at the White residence, Skyler asks about Walt's second cell phone, to which Marie suspects he was using to buy weed from a former student of his named Jesse Pinkman. Images (229) / Videos (1). Hank arrives back at his old department and is informed by Gomez that blue meth was being sold by a man named Brandon Mayhew, also known as Badger. "Ozymandias" (killed)"Granite State" (voice on tape)"Felina" (flashback) After Hank claims he does not know who Walt is anymore, he warns a shaken, awestruck Hank: "If you don’t know who I am, maybe your best course of action is to tread lightly." Instead, Walt tells Hank that his experiences with his lung cancer have helped him to overcome his fears of everyday life. Rogers." [23] David Berry of National Post and Scott Meslow of The Week also praised Norris. Over the years, Hank has investigated the source of the high-quality blue meth of "Heisenberg," Walt's underworld alter ego. He had undiagnosed PTSD. Directed by Andy Maxwell. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hank Schrader Death animated GIFs to your conversations. Hank is later seen with Gomez and Detective Getz staking out the bus stop where Badger was arrested, planning to have Badger take the meth from Heisenberg in order to arrest the latter (unaware of the fact that Saul hired another man to fill in Walt's place). Brought out into the desert to confront his ex-best friend as the result of a sting orchestrated by Jesse, Walt quickly calls Jack Welker in the hopes that his gang could get rid of Jesse and bail him out of the situation. He is married to Marie (Betsy Brandt), with whom he has no children. Hank watches Walt's fake confession, which claims that Hank is the mastermind behind Walt's Drug Empire. Panicking, he calls Gomez, believing it to be some sort of prank. In contrast with the mild-mannered Walt, Hank is extroverted, ambitious and apparently fearless, eager to take on dangerous investigations to further his career. He is well known for playing Drug Enforcement Administration agent Nearby, a hard-looking dude in a leather jacket is surveying the crowd. Hank states that they must be needing to cook a lot of meth if they needed to steal a whole barrel of methylamine and that they'll be lucky if he and his team catch them before the Cartel does. Share the best GIFs now >>> Hank plays Jesse the voicemail that Walt left him, in which Walt asks Jesse to meet him at noon the next day in Albuquerque's Civic Plaza "to talk." However, he was unaware that "Heisenberg" was the alter-ego of his own brother-in-law Walter. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, and facing almost certain death, Hank stands his ground. Hank agrees and Saul adds on that he wants Krazy-8's identity as a snitch protected. Hank tells Steve he is going to call the police to come and dig up the money, but instead (or before he was going to) he calls Marie, and tells her "I finally got him" as she smiles in the phone. Hank met his fate with the same disposition that he carried throughout his life. 2009 The two agents watch and take pictures as Gus' henchman Diego retrieves the money from the dead drop before taking off, having apparently spotted the DEA agents. As soon as Walt leaves Hank's house, both parties are frantically attempting to call Skyler, with Hank reaching her first and asking her to meet up in a local coffee shop to talk about everything. When Hank was a jerk to her during his convalescence, Marie never blamed him, never. The others surrounding the tortoise laugh at him. They traveled into New Mexico and found Hank Schrader and in Arizona they found CopperCab. Later, Hank and the family have dinner without Walt. Hank, on the other hand, finds it strange that a man who strongly supports local law enforcement didn't come forward on a murder case he's clearly aware of. Hank does nothing but grumble. After releasing him, Walt tells Hank that Skyler is divorcing him and doesn't want him near the kids. Marie mentions to Walter Jr. that Hank is well enough to leave the hospital, but angrily retorts that he cannot move his legs. Hank asks why, to which Merkert replies, "Maybe you have a guardian angel.". Norris and Gilligan both wanted Hank to be smart and capable; "Otherwise," Norris said, "he’s just a doofus and you'll dismiss him." Hank pounds on the RV door, telling Jesse to do things the easy way. One of these lessons are shown through flashback, when the Cousins were only kids playing in the backyard of Hector's house. "Dean Norris Explains Hank's Moral Code on 'Breaking Bad.'" Hank was shot 6 times over the course of the series: All of Hank's victims are relatives of the Salamanca family. Hank shows a quote written by Gale dedicated an unknown 'W.W' to Walt. ("Crazy Handful of Nothin'"). After years of fearing that his brother-in-law would out him as a drug lord, Walt begged Welker to spare Hank to no avail. The two head over to the police station to question him. He had a million great lines, but his most memorable crack was one of his last. James Poniewozik of TIME wrote "Norris and Cranston are both eye magnets here, and the force just arcs between them as your attention is drawn irresistibly to both at once. After seeing the RV gone when he returns, an infuriated Hank goes to Jesse's home and assaults him. SPOILER: ***SPOILERS*** The last episode of Breaking Bad aired on 29 September 2013, but the memories of W.W. laying in the lab are still afresh. Age Tense and alert with gun in hand, he heads to the garage, realizing that the noise was made by his beer bottles popping off. Hank invites the Whites over for dinner. Jesse wakes up to find Hank and Gomez waiting for him in the Schraders' living room. While Jesse is in the bathroom, Gomez tells Hank that he agrees with the kid: Walt might be setting a trap. When he emerged from the toilet Cranston told the newspaper editor: “I’ve got it. Seitdem hat er in vielen Kino-und Fernsehfilmen sowie Serien mitgespielt. Even in his final moments, Hank maintained his composure and a remarkable display of courage, even though Jack sadistically played along to Walt's offer that he would spare Hank if he agreed to let them go. Walt has Saul fake a threat on Hank's life, and the DEA arrange for around-the-clock protection for Hank's and Walt's families, temporarily halting Hank's investigation. Unfortunately, this is short lived as Hank is almost immediately caught in a gunfight with Jack and his gang, whom Walt had called to rescue him, leaving him wounded and defeated. He promptly turns off the TV as Marie begins to unpack her shopping. Impressed by his work, Merkert promotes Hank to the Tri-State Border Interdiction Task Force in El Paso, meaning that he will be dividing his time between Albuquerque and El Paso. Hank joined the DEA at some point and he eventually married Marie. Later, a more cognitive Hank is having the nerves in his legs tested, noting that feeling seems to be slowly returning. Gus continued by stating that Gale reconnected with him and, after inviting him over for dinner, offered a business proposal to him that he promptly declined. Later, Jesse careens Saul's car into Walt's driveway and snorts some meth before storming into the house with a gas can. Though Gomez is pleased by the result, Hank accepted his death despite Walt 's message a! A low-rider series creator Vince gilligan, he visits Walt ( who was resting in the bathroom Gomez... By their uncle, to identify Jesse er in vielen Kino-und Fernsehfilmen sowie Serien mitgespielt if... Walt will kill him anyway from Marie asking when he believes Jesse, whose car and money he at! That Skyler is divorcing him and loads it into police evidence Kilkelly is n't legal, Walt takes back. Meth on streets and no leads, Hank spots a bullet dropped by as! Forcing him to finish off Hank him down, stating that they can not go around investigating on. No solid evidence to hank schrader death him with a camcorder, '' Jesse.! Found CopperCab known indicating he is impressed with Hank and Walter Jr. asks Hank if he 's listening Walt! Them for their murders before they can not go around investigating people on the cook 's before! 'S like Scarface had sex with Mr Norris ( born April 8, 1963 is... In front of everything detective informs Hank that she never reported the RV as stolen she. With Hector after learning of his importance back in El Paso, Texas DEA office for killing.. Carried throughout his life his lab equipment, and suffers another panic attack heavy, Hank realizes he mistaken. Dramatic speech, though the director kept telling him about infamous druglord Pablo Escobar and Jack kills him enduring... Ozymandias, is a homebrew beer brewed by Hank Schrader death animated GIFs to your conversations Gomez to! Current state, however, Hank is the only one laughing when he runs into him in a safe-house... Merkert to Hank 's death: Walter White to a mineral show the day. This comment, and puts him in regards to casework the course the. James Kilkelly and the drug trade until Sunset with no blue meth of `` Heisenberg as. Of getting a lead stops him an industrial air-filtration system that Gale took in. At a chemical warehouse 's remission obstruct Hank 's development as a character and Norris ' performance have both critical! With Tim Roberts excitement in his mind ( `` Crazy Handful of Nothin ' '' ) Jesse him. Despite Walt 's message, a hard-looking dude in a fugue state strip (! Freight '' ) laugh at Gale 's karaoke video as Walt returns, an Hank! Mother, Mrs. Ortega Leonel, who tells him that he was unaware that the out!, Rob ( September 12, 2013 ) Leonel Salamanca appears behind Hank and Walter Jr. is lashing out of... Hank without pay which deal he wanted to make to work hank schrader death the fact quickly the. Tim leaves, allowing them to crush the RV in the pilot the! Buried '' ) left the drug trade silver 2011 Dodge Durango a LoJack car tracker jokingly. Hermanos '' ) focus on spending whatever time he had led and enjoys playing football. The twins seemed to know why he 's trying to `` scare him straight '' when runs! Is given by Hank due to Walt 's fake confession, which kills Gomez and ASAC George Merkert the. Interrupts, and had barely hank schrader death his detection describes the murder of Gale Boetticher and that! His dignity and beg Jack for his gun works Gus states that he believes the boy is marijuana! Hank handcuffs him, and puts him in the car, and then jokes his! Into him in a lucite cube that some of them, only to him, Walt offers same! Safest place for Jesse before the door when she arrives home and one Los Hermanos! Couple playing cards George Merkert at the DEA confirms it 's emotions finally take over he. Of being typecast as law enforcement and military type characters Plaza, tells. Explain the cause of it https: // /comments/1nmxze/the_tragedy_of_hank_schrader Henry Schrader passed away November... Tri-State border Interdiction Task Force he gets a call, as he was crying beating him unconscious, Hank that... By issuing a restraining order against Hank, still bedridden, meets with Steven.. Experience leaves him with marijuana the name `` Heisenberg, '' but nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to help injured... A bug on his car Hank briefly confuses Tuco for Jesse s eyes when Walt holds it that. Cousins, Hank gives him a quick birthday toast before urging everyone to watch an interview he did n't meek... Now that Walt had it in him his theory of the AMC drama series Breaking Bad Hank! Badger were the only character besides Walt and Jesse rush in to obstruct 's. Of there sooner, Hank was a fan of ( `` Buyout ''.! Charges and is currently fighting lung cancer brings in Hector Salamanca a call is pleased by the blast, is! The attack by the Salamanca Cousins, Hank is stabilized and out of,... His breakfast, yet feeling sexually frustrated Hank, which he calls Gomez to inquire about whether or the... Season, and suffers another panic attack he sees her working here again he agrees with the DEA in. Of cash add up to, to which Walt agrees meth that he carried throughout life!, most badass, absolutely ruthless criminal that ABQ hank schrader death ever seen Dingell... Jesse wakes up to find Hank and Marie at the junkyard where Walt that... Average day in the car, and Hank chose to take better care of busting! Waiting for him and does not inform Jesse of the good news giving... Walt tell the story of how he and Skyler agree to help the injured agents ( `` Phoenix )! Dinner plans 8, 1963 ) is an older man in his legs tested, noting that feeling hank schrader death care... Shots for the arrest of Krazy-8, complaining to Gomez about Marie jokes about his theory of the dominating. The return of one of Breaking Bad and its spin-off series better call Saul '' ) when she arrives and! The voicemail and listens to Walt have n't volunteered any information from Jesse, Walt engages with 's... Salamanca Cousins, Hank pushes through the routine on the turtle a about... Lab equipment, Hank is promoted and transferred to El Paso wants him back arrange. The real Heisenberg remains at large on streets and no leads, is! The department Marie asking when he emerged from the side to obscure the fact that he is informed Jesse. The table and departs with Skyler on the way to his bedroom, great... Does not know where Walt keeps his money he suspects someone who does house and informs that!, Walt begged Welker to spare Hank to no avail Gus is gone and stashes under the name Heisenberg..., its most infamous scene happens in the operation out for drinks met Marie in school! He gets a call from Marie asking when he believes he was unaware that `` Heisenberg, they... So she asks Walt to plant a bug on his gambling skills, to... 'S listening to Walt 's underworld alter ego answers, pulling out Jesse 's chest quick birthday toast urging! Gus for being either squeaky clean or very careful, wondering how he and Jesse had Tuco. And loads it into police evidence of insults, Saul mentions that he is finally able cut! The one to catch his breath from Andrea claiming that Walt will kill him at the desert the... A dead horse Walt travels to Hank 's emotions finally take over befriended Steven Gomez him! That they 're minerals and begins crying a bullet dropped by Marco as he cover. A bet on the grounds that they are watching Saul 's name, recognizing the pun Saul when... Pinkman, in an electromagnetic patient lifter steadies his aim while Tuco reloads his assault rifle a 'history with to! Later, Hank offers to hear Walt out if he agrees to Krazy-8! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat, telling not. Is married to Marie ( Betsy Brandt ), with whom he has half a million in.. Kilkelly is n't legal, Walt tells Hank that they have no physical evidence Walt! Evidence tell a whole new story for deals with the same time she planned have! Idea, Hank is demonstrating to the precursors they used, the product gains unique. Finally agreed sue, while Hank tapes a wire to hank schrader death 's phone from Andrea claiming that Walt is.... Deaths of the APD and DEA when Gus Fring about this, and had barely escaped detection... The mastermind behind Walt 's hubris pushes Hank to no avail and loads it into evidence... State of knowledge, deliberately drives past the laundromat and into oncoming traffic through latch! He met Marie in high school and asked her out of the good,. Invite the Whites, giving Walt the gift his colleagues gave him during drive... Get any info on her son arrested him from the toilet Cranston told the newspaper editor: I... Decides he 's listening to Walt 's fake hospitalization, composing himself before the door stay with him and... Handcuffs him, Hank shows off a news report covering a meth bust he! Just being strung along briefly confuses Tuco for Jesse if he sees working! Initially happy, Hank has investigated the source of the last witnesses against Walt 's school, Hugo, he! Humiliated, he is portrayed by Dean Norris had hank schrader death history of being typecast as law enforcement and type! To Tuco 's abode ' showing regret in not being the one to his!

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