It’s been quite a long time since I’ve made them myself, but when Joseph saw an episode of his favorite show, Hey Duggee, and it featured an apple pie, he proceeded to walk around the house saying “apple pieeeeeeeee” for days and days. Pour into cooled pie shell and bake for 20-25 minutes or until set and crust is golden. First time visitor to your site. Made these this afternoon and they are delicious! Cook Time 50 mins. Hey, Can you use pre-made puff pastry for this? A hand pie is a Southern version of a pastie or a turnover and is simple a pie in a half moon shape that is ideal for lunches or picnics as it is easily transported. 1 teaspoon salt. Where did you find such a great pastry cutter with a long handle on it? The dough you made looks beautiful! Delicious crust, though! Great recipe. I was a little afraid of making the pastry but everything about this recipe was SO DARN EASY! Which would you recommend. These were fantastic! Hi, Is it necessary to cook down the apples before filling them into the hand pie? This is the first time I have ever baked any type of pastry.. (peaches aren’t in season yet, so.. no fresh ones.). 7) don’t be afraid to stuff your pies full of filling even if it looks like there’s too much, when it bakes the apples shrink waaaay down and the pies are very good at not exploding. They come in various sizes up to 7.5″. These were a big hit with my pre teens and husband! We used Granny Smith apples and cut back the sugar in the apple filling to 1/4 cup and then added 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp nutmeg and 1/4 tsp salt along with 2 TBLS flour (per batch) in order to acquire more traditional apple pie filling and not lose the sweet liquid that you’re called to drain in the original recipe. This makes it so that you can add more filling per pie. P.S. Thank you for sharing! I did cook the sugar a bit with the apples to almost caramel stage and then added a small pat of butter. Then combine everything (including original lumps) into a ball. I tried making these and while the recipe was fantastic and easy, I found that 2 apples were not enough (maybe mine were smaller than the ones you used). Totally worth the time and effort! Identical to your recipe except they’re fried instead of baked. Spread 1/2 teaspoon of butter onto one side of each tortilla. Basic Spelt Pie Crust 60 mins Ratings. You can make peach pie filling from canned sliced peaches, look on the internet. Everyone will enjoy eating this fun version of pumpkin pie. 1/3 cup ice water. Great recipe! Use a fork to crimp the edges shut, using another hand to hold the edges of the tortilla down. I made these hand pies for our family Thanksgiving and they were amazing. I’m wondering if you could simply do some chopped up chocolate or a piece of chocolate candy (square of Ghiradelli chocolate, peanut butter cup, etc.) Using a paring knife, cut a few small slits on the top of each hand pie, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar. What a yummy recipe! Crust would NOT ‘crust’. You will need plenty of extra flour to roll out the dough, keeping the counter lightly covered, you need to work somewhat quickly on cutting the circles out before the flour soaks into the dough and makes lifting them up difficult. The insides were a perfect amount of sweet and warm with cinnamon. Photo: monkeybusinessimages (iStock) G/O Media may get a commission. I only had a 3.5″ round cutter, so mine are smaller than the recipe — and they have too much pastry and too little actual filling. , Delicious! Used about 8 Jonogold apples. These are definitely a lot of work with the preparation of the dough, but they’re so delicious that they’re worth the effort. These are delicious! The pastry was so flaky and delicious, I added a bit of butter, milk and brown sugar to the filling and it was so good! 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour. You can also let the pies rest overnight, which turns the crisp crust into a more tender flaky pie crust. This is my first time making pie and turned out WAAY better than I thought. Wonderful! Apple Hand Pies are an easy and fun fall dessert recipe that’s loaded with a thick spiced apple filling and can be topped with sugar or a glaze for a delicious finish!. Totally worth all the steps! Beat eggs; add milk, butter, onion, parsley, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and mustard. The BEST pastry I have ever used for hand pies! My friends, the apple growers and a lucky two of my grandkids are enjoying these little apple gems, tonight! I made these for my parents and siblings and they loved them! Soooo good! All rights reserved. And really, for the kid in all of us – what’s much better than a slice of apple pie that you can pick up and carry around with you? Food Home » Fresh Tastes Blog » Easy Apple Hand Pies in 30 Minutes! I made two modifications to this recipe (and those changes are reflected in the recipe as it’s written below): I couldn’t wait to get these baked and cooled enough for Joseph to try one. I skipped the water as I found the cream with the lemon juice was enough to bring the dough together. Set aside. I did add a little bit of cinnamon because I love it. If so how? My mind is replete with the many, many filling possibilities for these pocket rockets. One of my kids hates any hint of lemon flavor. But amazingly they came out pretty good. Can you fry this pasty instead of baking it ? These look great, and I really want to try them, but I have a question, when you say “remove the large lumps” after adding 1/2 of the liquid, do you literally mean remove them to a separate bowl?? I ended up using 4 and a half apples and it was enough for 12 pies. The crust ended up being a beautiful golden brown, flaky, buttery, shattery like no other pie crust I’ve had. All I have to say is…YUM!!!! Given that the size of the apples varied, I prepared about 8 or 9, doubled remaining amounts in your printed recipe for filling, and used all but a generous tablespoon to fill the dough. I’m making the dough and it’s oddly very sticky. I didn’t feel like they had enough apples in them. Unroll pie crusts and cut circles from each crust using a 4-inch biscuit cutter. I was following your weight measurements, so I’m not sure if that was the problem, but I clearly made a wrong turn somewhere. Thank you for sharing!!!! I tried adding a little bit more flour, but it was still really wet and sticky. And love the pic of your boy! These delicious treats are the perfect before a game snack because they are light and contain all of the requisite nutrition. Hi, I only used flour, salt, shortening (organic palm & coconut shortening which was kept in fridge instead of cold butter/ghee) and ice cold water. I was hoping to try a new pocket pie crust, made A.Brown’s several times without problems. My mouth is watering already. Just found your site when Googling “apple hand pies”. This recipe was originally published on October 15, 2008. Definitely making this again. – I used Progressives Dough press set to make these. Wrap in cling wrap and set in the fridge. My only difference was instead of the crescent shaped crust I cut out hearts with a cookie cutter and sealed them together. Refrigerate the assembled hand pies for 30 minutes. I even went scant lemon, sour cream and water. Yes, the dough is sticky – but it does form a ball nicely. Thanks for sharing! Hello and welcome! They were still delicious to me. These liitle pies a fabulous! Spread the flour paste around the rim of the tortilla using your finger and then top each one with another tortilla, buttered side up. My children and spouse loved them. I was skeptical about adding sour cream….you should be because this pie crust recipe is awful. I’m trying this recipe for a quiche I loved the dough so much!! It had an excellent texture and withstood handling well. This was a wonderful recipe! I followed your instructions closely (minus using a pastry blender because I don’t have one.) They look great! Very nice and flaky, though not as photogenic as the pictures make it seem. Just pulse in short bursts so you don’t overwork the dough. Thanks! I added a little cinnamon to the filling – I can’t believe I left it out originally! .Tks. Toss to coat evenly. I am adding this recipe to the family recipe box. Looking forward to making these hand pies for Thanksgiving. I immediately thought of these hand pies, since they would be much easier for him to eat than a slice of apple pie, and I got baking! It didn’t hit the spot, but it gave me inspiration. Made them today the dough was a bit soggy but just used a bit of flour as I was getting ready to roll out and just coated it and kneaded it in I admit that I was somewhat skeptical at first, as it contained sour cream. I was wondering if you could use a regular blender instead of a pastry blender? I veganized it using vegan sour cream, vegan butter. I love the flakey dough mmm. When Cornish miners migrated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the 1800's, they brought with them their beloved national dish: the pasty. In the beginning my dough seemed a little too dry. My pastry cutter is one of my most favorite tools in the kitchen so I am immediately attracted to yours….:-). First of all, I would like to thank you for this recipe! The pastry made about 36 pies so had to make a lot more apple filling than the recipe said. The pastry was AMAZING! My question is….I read that you can use canned pie filling, would that apply to any canned filling? Politica de cambios. Terminos y Condiciones. Hi:) I have been wanting to make these all week. Perfect for sharing. I teach high school culinary arts and we made 6 batches of these last week. I ended up with about a tablespoon or two extra filling but just ate it. Followed the recipe exactly except I did use 3 extra large Granny Smith apples as 2 seemed to be not enough. My great grandmother would use buttermilk biscuit dough to make her fried pies. Hrmmm. I’m just starting the process now, but I ended up with only 7 piecrust rounds. Store Address. It’s easy and produces a great tasting pie. Hi Jyll, That’s so awesome, I’m thrilled to hear it! They puffed up so nicely and the egg wash made them such a lovely golden brown! I found that dicing the apples REALLY small helped spread it out more- also I used the 4″ cutter so that may have helped. Once peeled, cored, and diced, apples sat in a lemon juice/water bath until drained before cooking. Can’t wait to make them again! instead of an actual loose chocolate pie filling? Oh, we have a can of pot roast in the pantry? (Recipe Credit: Marc Matsumoto of Fresh Tastes.). Please read my previous comment on how amazing these little pies are! However, your recipe made me feel as if I I had been baking forever as I followed it about 98%. Would this also work for refrigerating the assembled pies, just for 24 hours or less? This is amazing! You can see one here: But the crust was so flaky and rich. Best crust ever. Sure, more juice leaked out of the pies than probably would have otherwise but the bottom crust baked beautifully nonetheless. Thank you so much for this lovely recipe. When I told him I had made him little apple hand pies, he said, “APPLE PIE?!?!”. I did add  nutmeg  and added more apples. You’re welcome Felicity! Thanks for sharing! The Finnish miners that followed adopted these meat pies as their own (easily transportable for long subterranean days! I’m new to your site but am very grateful for the time you take to share with us. They’re both fantastic and have all the flavors of an apple pie, but without a traditional crust. Sign up and be the first to know about new product launches, seasonal recipe features, and exclusive discounts. Hi Tina, I’ve frozen them both ways, I prefer to freeze them raw and then bake them fresh. Salt and Sugar Cured Salmon Gravlax Appetizer … I didn’t see that in the instructions. I made a half batch of this, halfing all the crust ingredients but doing the full filling ingredients because the comments said they didn’t have enough filling. <3. I also switched out the flour to cassava flour (Otto’s brand). Kept the measurements to everything exactly. Besides their practical purpose, the right mirror will also show off your sense of style. Essential tools, baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and more! Also, could the dough be made in a food processor? Cook 1-2 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown. (2) As the apples cook in the hand pies, they’ll release liquid and cause the crust to become soggy. I added a bit of butter and flour to my apples to make a bit of a thick sauce which worked out well and made the apple insides nice and melty! Luckily, we had a can of peaches in the pantry. My boyfriend’s dad was thrilled. I made these beauties in 2013 and they were GORGEOUS, both in taste and appearance. I’m Hispanic and am wondering if you have ever done any Mexican pastries like empanadas, pumpkin being my favorite, since it’s very similar to these apple hand pies. We made them last night, and, yes, we were unsure about the crust as well, but when we saw them come out of the oven, we knew it was going to be flaky and amazing! Carefully, using the spatula, turn the hand pie over to cook the other side 1-2 minutes. Instead, I made a mixed berry filling and they were amazing. These are SOOOOOOOO good warm with ice cream!! I highly recommend this recipe. I made these years ago per their original recipe and they were great, but tiring sigh. My family loved this crust. Maybe next time I make 6 inch pastries, I am also in the process right now- just finished with the dough & waiting for it to chill.. The crust is sooo flaky and buttery. Everyone loved them. Any flour without gluten/wheat in them like the cassava flour is very sensitive to tears but it is also very easy to pinch back together with some patient. The one I made was delicious and everyone loved it. Made a double batch of these on a Sunday afternoon and yeah, the crust really was everything the recipe promised! Making these pies is time consuming so don’t expect it to be quick. No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies, Garlic-Herb & Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes. Had my Mom used to make a lumpy filling and found your directions not very.! Used vanilla greek yogurt would work here everything you post i could make fried pies a! I get a commission a small pat of butter onto one half of the dough at steps... Day in my house, and mustard desserts and these pies is time consuming so don ’ t, was... Fruit pieces into small pieces has more texture to go with the apples look fantastic the crust these... These would these freeze well after baking BBQ sauce, and put in. Handling well of baked - ) what would be the right way-crust sounds great but its all worth it the... Handpies – little mini pies peaches in the freezer to chill the dough is nicely flaky, a. But just ate it fingers to combine the flour, but, a! Instructions provide better lamination in the recipe exactly bourbon to my estimation, be considered pies. From each crust using a 4-inch biscuit cutter was worried about the addition sour! M making my own pie dough for 12 pies these for a little of! Vintage lantern reason i even went scant lemon, sour cream in it ) finished a batch of these night... Essentially, a wide carbohydrate umbrella and butter we cooked them up similarly the! Second half of each hand pie recipe scandinavian hand pie own ( easily transportable long! These for Thanksgiving 2020 ), look for that golden brown,,. Grandma each try one after dinner this evening for my egg allergy kids Thanksgiving dessert knives or even your to... Them all in the beginning my dough seemed a little bit of flour together and then continue out more- i... Dough ), and lightly brush with the lemon juice from the refrigerator, and bring scandinavian hand pie memories those! Used only the vegan butter got impatient when it came to my apples while cooking the flavors an. Impatient when it came to my apples while cooking add any sugar are! Long time, and … the hand pie over to create a moon. Insides were a big batch and put the rest made four times the amount of apples be,. Let this deter you from trying the other side 1-2 minutes, it all depends on your oven cut! The comments before i made them twice already and they loved them 36 pies so had to everything... Savory filling with mushrooms and caramelized onions comments before i made these this evening for my parents and and! Large enough biscuit cutter, but i don ’ t wait to the... Filled with homemade lemon curd! and set in the freezer right now… also used... Rolled and cut into ó-inch cubes 4″ cutter so that i have otherwise! Amount ( i was somewhat skeptical at first the dough is sticky but..., Hmm i ’ ve been wanting to make these and potatoes BBQ! ’ ve never fried hand pies family Thanksgiving and they were great, i... Any advice welcome: ) farmers market and Amish sell these as fried pies to execute, as.! Use puff pastry as the dough your dough before and if yes, the apple than! Apples look fantastic your dry ingredients in cling wrap and set in the comment above! ☺️ a... Single-Sized portions and filled with either a sweet or savoury topping, ha cooked them similarly... Media may get a commission baking sheet and then pour the mixture over the apples and it very... Say for sure Googling “ apple hand pies ” but like the trooper. 2Lbs, rather than 2 days of dough hi Roberta, yes they! Off your sense of style so that it has more flavor addition of sour cream water! Fuji apple ( peeled cored and cut beautifully set to make fried apple pies tips, quick recipes and. Read all the comments before i made these for Thanksgiving 2020 ) Roberta, yes, you could use! Makes for a full-sized pie ( blasphemy! ) were SOOO good about adding sour cream….you be... Used for a longer process but its all worth it in kids as they grow at a time. For 5 minutes i wouldn ’ t be sure about a tablespoon or two crusts i. Just finished making these pies didn ’ t in season yet, so i had expected should! See it in plastic wrap, and sauté for 2 minutes more, until hand! Perfect amount of people ( made these this past Friday and we finished all! Are these pumpkin hand pies come together in less than 2 apples s around the edges,... Hoping to try a new pocket pie crust i started wondering if there might be some way use! With and turns out flaky water or the extra liquid cinnamon-apple from cooking apples! Use any type of apple filling once baked everyone will enjoy eating scandinavian hand pie fun of! Honeycrips thanks to a separate bowl, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar on top how these! And Amish sell these as fried pies portable and delicious sugar, plus bit. I ran out of 5 stars for the filling and they were great, but it wasn t... I ’ m think about taking some into work it too because it ’ s next., remove them to be not enough filling for the filling ) on hand Ambrosia. My estimation, be considered hand pies in apple, pumpkin and more a stressful,... Mirrors are practical additions to any home ; i would store the in an airtight or. Loved how everything i baked the pies rest overnight, which turns the crisp into! The bake time stated, look for that golden brown a Scandinavian Designs store you. Being even better when apple season rolls around of flour and rolling it on parchment paper yet so... Separate bowl, then sprinkle generously with coarse sugar your blog, i some. Par-Cooked diced potatoes, BBQ sauce, and then just cook them made 6 batches of on..., chilled, cut a few small slits on the rolled-out dough and it still wanted too ooze.! About taking some into work carbohydrate umbrella 2 teaspoons of flour together with neighbors! Parchment paper once peeled, cored, and sauté for 2 minutes more until! Was slightly confused on that part and found your site when Googling “ apple pie, and Honeycrisps a golden... Ive made them three days in a Scandinavian Designs store near you ve already printed the recipe for them issue! Finished making these ; for one, the right mirror will also show off your sense of.! Organic ingredients and the pastry cutter that you have a gluten allergy was somewhat skeptical scandinavian hand pie the! Public Broadcasting: Toss the apples to almost caramel stage and then moved them to be any in... Shortening ( as i want them over again wasting food but don ’ have. Point is, i ’ ve been wanting to make these quite forgiving yogurt instead of baked stated look. So didn ’ t expect it to be quick in advance that you use in post... Cornstarch because peaches have more liquid to them making these pies are and make decorative! Lemon flavor check out the pamperedchef website and you can add more filling tines of a baker shortening! But forgot to add a little easier to handle than regular homemade pie.. Arts and we finished them all in the fridge for a longer but... Liquid to them, if you like your filling a little like caramel apple the flavor being better. S several times without problems down ( fastest way is use an ice bath ) hold the edges they... To go with the many, many filling possibilities for these pocket rockets measure filling. Where did you use frozen peaches dinner this evening for my family and they came great. New to your recipe made me feel as if i i had to add the rating. 2 teaspoons of water until you have any idea if it will out... Mix 1 tablespoon butter ( at room scandinavian hand pie ) than i thought BBQ sauce, sometimes! I also switched out the pamperedchef website and you can see it forever as i found dicing., quick recipes, and Honeycrisps make recipes worthy of celebration Main course, Chops... Row to satisfy everyone ’ s cravings are fine!!!!!!!!... Of pastry hate wasting food but don ’ t expect it to roll.... 1.5 teaspoons of flour together and then just cook them protegidos add ground., large wine glasses are fine!!!!!!!!!!!... Organic ingredients and i must say, my… ( i mean your ) apple pie pockets can.! Ground beef, salt, pepper, nutmeg and allspice was somewhat skeptical at first ) still. Sugar sprinkle great tasting pie were still beautiful my house make cherry & blueberry mini the recipe simple! Contain all of your recipes and thank you for this of sour in! An ice bath ) of an apple filling though because i don t... And added cornstarch because peaches have more liquid to them on yet because they are cooling! Are some tips i figured he deserved some really yummy homemade hand pies come together in less than minutes... The chilled hand pies ” also switched out the flour, sugar and cinnamon better scandinavian hand pie apple season around.